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ESF and organisation

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 9:45 am
by Marike
:( I also translated on the ESF. The only friday, at 9 pm. I subscribed a month before. Living in Ivry-sur-Seine I thought they would be pleased to have a translater "at home". I've been contacted by a friend who knew i subscribed but she couldn't find me on the lists. Just for one translation.
She told me the next day other translators where needed. I stayed home in case someone would call me, but nope. My opinion is that babels should not only look for volunteers for translation, but also for administrative people (volunteers). The web site is made by professionels (I suppose), some of the translations also (not my case). The organisation is not of the same kind. I'm sure a lot of volunteer translators would help with the organisation of the events, but if you don't ask them... It is not as if the ESF was an unexpected event. I don't doubt the people who helped with the organisation didn't do their best, but if they would have been more, or if they have started earlier...
Anyway i enjoyed participating, and hope that my backup will not discourage people, but will encourage them to supply the lack of organisation.