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Documents - Website for ESF 2004

Postby dannyc » Fri Apr 09, 2004 1:20 pm

Hello all
As you may know, some agreement has been reached to use as the official website for the ESF 2004.
Thought I'd start off a topic here to work out some method-protocol
for passing around-translating the various documents that are now being produced.
There are a few documents that will be confirmed Tuesday night/Wednesday (13-14th April) to be sent/taken to Istanbul on Friday (16th)
Can someone confirm the procedures involved? Should I post them up here in the forum? Or should I send them in directly via email to transtrad?
Ok, have fun
Speak soon

Danny (UK ESF 2004 Programme Group
& babels-uk)

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Postby ljesover » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:13 am

Transtrad asnwered a specific request concerning this matter. It was send back to the ukesfcommittee (who ackowledged reception) and copied to the Babels ESF coordination


We received a proposal regarding Minutes of the meetings to prepare the ESF2004. Transtrad (written translation group in Babels) is willing to participate along with the other Babels volunteers in the ESF2004 process.

We are willing to undertake therefore any work that will be usefull. For instance the recently published minutes from March 6 European meeting. If you need anything please tell us ASAP.

What we need ?

- we need an indentified source of documents. This is important in order to not make mistake. This identified source can be an email... not necessarily one person only.

- we need to have precise information on the use of the translations (published where for whom for instance)

- we need to know which languages you want the document to be translated into. (do not be shy about this, Greek is fine as well as many others)

What is infered ?

- We have different mode for work.

Normal mode:
a) translation 1 week
b) proof reading 1 week
c) you receive the result of our work within 10 to 15 days. It is signed and we guarantee quality

Urgent mode
a) depending on the emergency can be very fast (urgent means also exceptional :-)...)
b) one translation only and no proofreading
c) you receive the result but we will ask that you put a special sentence we have for these case along with the translation.

- Document.
a) Average length 4 to 5 pages (this means only that we are not obliged to cut the document in pieces and have several translators and a time for reuniting the part and proofread them)
b) Please send them in rtf format... if not possible... well we will deal with your format.
c) we will send back a rtf format (if you want to use the text) and most of the time a pdf format for immediate publishing in mailiglists.

What we understood.

- UK Organising Committee Minutes... once a month. It seems fine as it is.

- Co-ordinating Committee Minites... once a week. A slight problem

- If what will be the minutes are in fact the document sent on the lists recently and regarding the March 6 meeting in London, please forget what is following.

- Is there more ? Any presentation text ? press releases ? Do not hesitate to vary the documents.

What we suggest

- Minutes are often long... and too complete in a sense. Is it possible to have like a "decision" list a bullet list of decisions made or in discussion for instance ? Do you think it will be feasible ?

- We will advocate for language diversity in the targeted languages.
Not for all of course, but for some other documents probably that you might produce. It will not take longer to have a document back in Italian, Greek, Russian, German, Spanish and French that only in French and Spanish...

Who we are

You have to understand that we are all volunteers (around 1600 at the moment). We cannot guarantee at all time and for everything the same... "service". The more you send us interesting documents, the more a lot of people will be willing to help and participate.

From this first collaboration we will like to build a real partenrship. But first things first. Send us as you can what you can at the moment. We will help in the same way :-)

Read you soon

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transtrad ESF 2004 coordinators

Postby dannyc » Sun May 09, 2004 3:47 am

thanks for the explanation. I must admit I did have it somewhere on an email (from several) weeks ago.

For now the transtrad coordinators here in the UK for the ESF 2004 are

Danny Cooley
(1st language: English; 2nd language: French (reasonably fluent, but not
professional translator to interpreter)

Susanne Weber
(1st language: German; 2nd language: English (reasonably fluent, but not professional translator to interpreter)

We will begin forwarding to transtrad any relevant UK ESF documents
and texts shortly.

If you could send back any translated documents to BOTH of us for the time being (just using cc inyour email package) that would be preferable. In due course we may set up a more advanced system. Though as there are only 2 of us for now, I don't feel that's necessary.

I think for the time being sending it directly to us two will probably be "safer" as at least someone will have read it. We will then pass it on the the relevant person within the UK ESF Committee/Process (this often involves having to go in person to one of the meetings, as communication between the various groups is at this stage very fragmented and haphazard)

The UK ESF doesn't have any set office facilities yet.
The email address for the UK ESF Committee doesn't have a set person who's job it is to answer the emails. It is being "looked after" by any of several people who work at the GLA (Local Government in London), who have other full time jobs the rest of the week and at various times do "esf related stuff" when they can squezze it in around their regular jobs.

Normally the situation should become clearer over the next few weeks.
An office space has been found and is being checked out.
The GLA is developing a temporary web site which will be handed over to the UK ESF Committee in 5-6 weeks (that's what we have been told).
Though still using the domain

OK, all the best
We'll send transtrad something in the next couple of days.


Danny Cooley

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