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nouveau site LEXICONS

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 2:34 pm
by yan
... est en ligne:
c'est un 'work in progress': vos suggestions sont les bienvenues. Utilisez le forum pour faire vos propositions.

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 1:10 am
by rstuven
The LEXICON are tables sorted by French entries. I would like to sort them by any language.
Could you provide them in formats such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc?
Even, you could provide one "master" sheet where "sub-section" is a column.


Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 7:16 am
by steph
hi there
Most of them are both in HTML and Excell formats - precisely so that you can sort them out at home.

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 8:17 pm
by rstuven
Oh, sorry...
I had only seen the first one, where there is a file named "Commerce équitable,xls" but it is in HTML: ... article=63