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Networking. Not just an idea, a way to work

Postby ljesover » Tue Feb 10, 2004 9:44 am

Ok we are not very formal, but it is part of networking so here is part of a debriefing point that should be made (for the WSF if we even have the time) and that could have been made for the ESF

There is an evolution within Babels. This is linked with information sharing, decision taking and so on. This is linked also with an increasing number of people being involved and willing to be more than "blind volunteer".

From the start, although there were calls for participation, mainly there were a difference between what we called "coordinator" and what we called "interpreter". This difference mainly was expressed by the fact that "coordinator" felt that "interpreter" were willing to participate to a situation "at the end" hence when decisions and information was shared before they were invited to join. It was not due to "bureaucracy" but old patriarcal habits and to the wrong idea that "coordinator" were the sole responsibles.

For the ESF, information and more decision sharing was poor in a lot of sense. That is one, maybe the only, really negative point about the ESF. The information and the decision were made through mailinglists only and some meetings (there were two I recall in which all the existing coordinations participated with the exception of babels-ru and babels-usa). The "interpreters" received the result of this process by ways of calls or announcements.

For the WSF, there were an increase in the information sharing but the decision making participation was poor also. The information sharing was as high for the "interpreters" and for the "coordinators": the "interpreting principles for the WSF" were published this time to all the volunteering interpreters at the time were it was sent to the organzing committee and all other information received afterward (Nomad and so on) also either by inviting all to get more information by the Nomad website and so on. With the exception of the Miami IC meeting (in May or June) which debriefing was sent through the Babels mailinglists as for the ESF, there were an increase in the quality of the information but.
- the "interpreting principle" were received with no possibility to participate into the writing.
- new pieces of information were also discussed through mailinglists or "chat" before being fed to the interpreters which had no possibility to react, suggest, influence the decision.

An event when it starts become is like a "boat", ie it should "roll" whatever the waves and decisions should be made quickly (no discussion is possible). Then there is a debriefing period when all this is analyzed and experience taken. But an event is not only the few days during which it take place. An event is whatever the preparation a "crisis situation". The preparation is greatly helping though by laying out a framework and most of the would be decisions to be taken when an emergency occures.

Since after the ESF we have tried out a new tool: Forum. This tool allows people to get the information and to participate whenever they have the time. It could also be used as a "mailinglist" by the people willing to give even more time, participating to meetings, trying to gather the information and to lobby for our poisitons and so on.

My experience from the two last SF is to go "public" since the beginning. This could have both advantages: to allow still the people willing to give more time to exchange, discuss and go on, to allow all to do the same if they are willing, or at least to participate to the decision making whenever they have the time and still have the whole information history...

For the next Forums whether or not participating to it, whether or not being sure of our collective decision, emailing should be done by exception. There should be an extensive use of the Forum. In fact both the Forum and invitation for "electronic meetings" to the Babels chatroom, should be sufficient.

Email should be used for instance when there is a need to exchange documents. (the website should be also reorganize in order to be able to post full documents easily)

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Postby brandelune » Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:18 am

i think it would be nice to have an irc channel, maybe something at

ftp access for file exchange could be set up to that would ease email communication.

a mailing list for interpreter/translators support/work hints would be nice.

as for the glossaries, a wiki is probably better than files but that's a personal opinion :)

jc helary

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Postby Elena » Sun Apr 25, 2004 1:04 pm

I think it is a great idea that SF go public, as Laurent says, and that there is a more extensive use of this forum. If we get more information on the organisation, we all will feel more involved in the process.

As for Transtrad and texts to be translated, I think we should go on with the mailing list, mostly because I don't consider the "first come, first served" principle the best option to select translators. I know that we are all volunteers, but I also think that we should strive to offer the best quality, and the first person to answer a call is not necessarily the one who'll do the best job. [As this refers only to Transtrad, I'll go on with my opinion in the Transtrad threads.] And if translations are not assigned to the the first translator to answer, maybe there would be a lot of replies in the forum (or maybe not, I don't know how many people usually answers calls).

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