Excellent and "needing Improvement"

Quito, Ecuador: 25-31 julio 2004
Ana María

Excellent and "needing Improvement"

Postby Ana María » Tue Aug 03, 2004 2:22 am

*Intergenerational as well as international dialogue. Keep bringing people from many different countries and ages, it makes everyone feel wonderful
*THe coordination team had an EXCELLENT attitude with very few exceptions
*Although all sorts of technical problems aroused, there were 0 human mistakes from BABELS (namely, all interpreters were where they should be at all times, punctually and effectively)
*All of us became very close and made a lot of friends
*Horizontal IS possible!

Needs to improve:
+ "recruitment" (i hate that word) mechanisms. Maybe regional meetings prior to the events should be held so everyone understands and accepts the rules (basically, that everything is not going to be perfect and that we must all be able to adapt to the circumnstances--being voluntary work-- even though perfect circumstances are being worked on and desirable)
+ the NOMAD technician must have prearranged support from BABELS especially if there is a huge language barrier between him and his volunteer technicians
+all members should know the principles of BABELS before travelling

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