REIMBOURSMENT english version

Barcelona, Catalunya, España, 16-19 julio, 2005
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REIMBOURSMENT english version

Postby delph » Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:20 pm


IMPORTANT- REIMBOURSMENT for those interprets that have received confirmation of their participation and their travel tickets have been accepted.


In order tobe reimboursed, you must have with you in Barcelona all the original copies, plus the photocopies (we will not dispose of photocopying machine) of your tickets.

Necessary proof-documents and receipts for reimboursment :

- Original ticket for outbound journey, and copy of the return, or:
- Original receipt ( your name and surname must appear together with your name) + the original boarding card or:
- If you are asking for reimboursment for local desplacement, please note we will only be paying for the most economic transport: keep the receipts for metro, bus and train tickets ( desplacement from your house to the airport, the airport to the Fira or to your accomodation)

IMPORTANT: taxis will only be reimboursed if agreed by coordinators ( only motives like schedule problems or discapacity,etc)

The FsMed is a Social Forum organised by grass-root organisations, which is what it is about, seeing that larger organisations already dispose of international relations. However this means we must be very vigilant over our costs. The forum will be the fruit of big efforts and sacrifices, and you must know that accomodation for interpreters is being priorised over other participants, who will be sleeping in dorms and gymnasiums, and delegates will be coming by bus from the far end of Morocco or the Balkans. We hope you understand this, and that you are comprehensive when asking for your reimboursments.

Come to Barcelona with all your receipts and copies ( which you must give us) for your reimboursment!!

Thank you for your collaboration
The FsMed Team

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