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Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 10:40 am
by gregoire
If you are in Madrid (or nearby) and available, please contact Fergal Anderson :


The European Union is organizing a summit with Latin American Leaders in May, see: for more details. There are various parallel activities being organized in Madrid around this summit.

COAG, our Spanish member organization, have invited representatives of Peasant's Organizations in Latin America to discuss strategies on Free Trade Agreements and economic partnership agreements with Latin America with members of the European Coordination Via Campesina.

We are looking for interpreters to help us with this event. We will have three languages EN, FR, and ES (though mostly ES speakers)

The dates are the following;

13th May - Arrival
14th May - Internal Meetings
15th May - Parallel Activities
16th May - Demonstration in Madrid
17th May - Meeting on Transnationals

Ideally it would be best if interpreters were based in Madrid, as it is not 100% clear when we will need support, ALTHOUGH THE 14th IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY

Please get in touch if you are available to help

Thanks in advance,

Fergal Anderson
Skype: fergal.anderson
Mobile: +32488880847