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volunteer trans. needed for website, En ->many languages

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 1:33 pm
by Louis D
This is for an independent creative project. (is this within this website's guidelines?)

The following text appears on a grassroots funding website for creative projects. I am looking for many languages, including exotic, Pidgin, dialects etc. Your text will appear at both of these websites:

I will credit you on both websites and also send you the music from the project.

Thank you for your time and attention!

(notes -- "equip a project studio" = buy microphones, etc. for a privately owned audio/video studio.)
Mostly, creative work is done in solitude. Plenty of Art And Music seems to be created IN SPITE OF the world the Artist lives in. But the Artist doesn't live in a vacuum - and our world is just too interesting. I think the potential for Life to influence Art is often overlooked! Life, Current Events, People's contradictions -- can "inform and unsettle" the Creative Process.

This will be a year of musical reaction to Friends, Cultures, Climate, the Piano.
-- New recordings will be released every week.

9/11@Piano /// Brazilian Hiphop @Piano /// Viral Videos /// The BP Oil Spill /// Lowriders /// Teenagers @Piano /// Muezzins @Piano /// Bob Dylan /// Eyjafjallajokull /// medicine Culture /// Autism /// Turntablists...

I have really interesting, articulate fans... When people have liked the music, and seen that I was interested in their ideas about it, they've wanted to involve themselves - mostly by voicing their opinions, but sometimes also through terrific generosity of time and attention. It's a two-way street; I really appreciate them.

Donations to A Year @Piano will equip a project studio - in particular, making it possible to give back to the community by recording groups, and thus employing more of my musician colleagues.

(FYI: All music will be sent in a format easily played or made into an audio CD with any laptop or desktop computer.)

What else? Have a hand in the process! Send your opinions and links to anything you think relevant.