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Translating remarkable book about the Tienanmen Square Ma...

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:47 pm
by brianclifton
We are looking for people who are fluent in both English and Chinese to assist with the translation of a Chinese book (written in Traditional Chinese characters). The book we are translating is titled "Looking for the Victims of June Fourth". It is composed of the personal accounts of families who lost their sons and daughters in the Tienanmen Square massacre in 1989, and other information regarding the events culminating in the killings.

This remarkable book was put together by Ding Zilin, friend of 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo, who herself was nominated in 2003 for the Peace Prize because of her work in founding the Tienanmen Mothers, a group of family members who lost loved ones in the massacre. Since the killing of her son, Ding has spent her life searching for the other families who share the same loss, as well as ardently speaking out against the human rights violations of the Chinese government.

Volunteers would help us translate sections, however large or small, of this noteworthy book, contributing to its complete translation. Once it is fully translated, it will be made available for the English-speaking community.

This could be a great project for a student in Foreign Language studies looking for translation work, or for someone who also feels passionate about bringing continued awareness to human rights issues in China. We are looking for people who are willing to help translate without monetary compensation for their work.