A few thoughts

Caracas, Venezuela : enero 24-29, 2006

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A few thoughts

Postby j.f.k. » Sat Jan 21, 2006 3:10 pm

EN only (for this time)

Well, everyone knows the situation. It appears that interpretation, hence communication between languages, is not a priority. Therefore, I believe it only normal that those on the spot do not offer something that is not necessary.

For, say, one morning. Or a day. Let them see what it is like without interpretation. Call it a strike. In solidarity with all those left behind. With all those who worked to make things right. For a better world. For the respect of individuals. And of a cause that we believe is worth fighting for.

I would also like to reming those on the spot that if the teams and undermaned, it is NOT up to them to make up for the difficult situation. No one will have the right to demand anything from the coordinators, should they still, never the less, choose to do their job.

They have been given a task, but they have not been given the means to carry out this task. This, de facto, canceles the original task they had to do. Anything they do, or anyone else does, from now on, is pure charity.

And how much shall we bet that this illustration of that "other world" that is possible has made more people think that this one is not that bad after all?

I'll bet a plane ticket. With Godot (Hugo?) Air.

P.S. Anyone who wants to work on a text, a statement or coordinate actions (such as contacting the press), pm me.

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