Caracas, Venezuela : enero 24-29, 2006

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Michael B
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Postby Michael B » Sat Jan 21, 2006 9:54 pm

For those who haven't had their vaccinations against yellow fever, hepatitis and tetanus : just have a look at the official site of the forum ( and read the information under "19/1/2006 - 13:45:53 HEALTH IN ACTION AT THE FORUM... "

But nothing to worry any longer, as there is no money to pay our tickets.

Just wondering what I could have done with the EUR 70 I spent for my injections !

Michael Bihay

Andrea V
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Postby Andrea V » Mon Jan 23, 2006 8:46 am

Hi Michael,

Well, well... I didn't have any vaccinations done, as I was waiting for full confirmation before taking those measures. Maybe I should have done them anyway as it might turn out dangerous, but besides not being very keen on additional vaccinations, I was not ready to spend money on them and not be sure they would be useful immediately (as you say it, I can use this money elsewhere...). Ever since mid-december, I had been reading information about this, and I had really been thinking I would be sure to go at least ten days before, so I could do the vaccinations in time! Then, as time was going by without any news, I decided not to have them done, as they were not legally compulsory anyway for European travellers to Venezuela. Maybe dangerous, I agree, and I would have been all the more careful with the consequences... but in the end I feel I had some intuition about the mess there was going to be! Thinking about it I realise I never managed to take it seriously and imagine myself overseas, just because everything was so unclear...

Still, I don't see the point in vaccinating people on their arrival there. Knowing that for example yellow fever vaccination is only active ten days after the injection, i.e when we will have actually returned from the Forum, what would be the use??? I would call this nonsense, and money and time spent on "wind", but well...

This is yet another proof that preparing a trip to a tropical country 12 hours away by plane is just NOT like preparing a trip to the country next door in Europe for instance. Letting people in such uncertainty when they are supposed to be taking measures in advance for their own safety is just NOT serious...

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