Complaints re: lack of interpretation service at WSF

Caracas, Venezuela : enero 24-29, 2006

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Complaints re: lack of interpretation service at WSF

Postby jcrombie » Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:55 pm


Si l'on commence à parler de l'insuffisance des services d'interprétation à FSM Bamako, des commentaires semblables ne devraient pas tarder à se faire entendre dans les médias concernant FSM Caracas...

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"Miodrag Shrestha from Serbia and Montenegro said [...] the translation was inadequate. Sessions were supposed to have been translated into French, English, Portuguese and the local language, Bambara.

"[...] Margaret Da Costa from a human rights group in Angola [...] could not follow most of the sessions because there was very little Portuguese translation."

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Bambara translation at Bamako WSF

Postby gregoire » Mon Jan 30, 2006 12:46 pm


Bambara translation was present at most major WSF events due to the 80 volunteers from Bamako who gave their time and linguistic knowledge. But the large amount of thematic areas would have required five times as many interpreters in order to be able to provide interpretation at all events. Only about 20 professional interpreters were able to come to BKO.

The Mali WSF team chose to subcontract the interpretation in three areas to a professional translation office who provided the equipment. It seems that even the paid translation wasn't effective (at least that's what some people who attended events there told me)... as for the other areas, managed by BABELS, there were far too few interpreters available to cover everything.

We chose to concentrate, in accordance with the organizers, on a two "main" events per session and work there. One team would work with the ALIS (FM transmitters) equipment and another "mobile" team would work with the "spider" or "FPH" equipment that was lent to us by the Fondation pour le Progrès de l'Homme.


L'interprétation en Bambara était présente sur la majorité des événements et sessions du FSM de Bamako, grace à la mobilisation des environ 80 volontaires maliens qui ont accepté de donner de leur temps pour

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