Pietro's report on the IC meeting in Parma

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Pietro's report on the IC meeting in Parma

Postby gregoire » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:51 pm

Hi all, here following Pietro's report, directly from Parma, just in EN, explaining also why!!! Kisses, Sara for Bab-it

dear friends from Babels

This is going to be a "half report" since I'm still in the Parma area and have no internet connection available. This internet cafe costs more than buying a new kidney on ebay so I'll be really brief.
First day of the IC: no mention of Babels and/or interpretation issues, just a debate on the agenda of the IC meeting. The OC from Kenya had yet to arrive in parma
Second day, morning: Report on the budget by the OC. they mentioned interpretation saying that "the interpretation equipment will be provided by Alis, we already requested the equipment and we already ordered the radio recievers" and as far as interpreter were concerned "they only needed to pay the travel expenses for the interpreters"
Several delegates had questions on interpretation and Babels involvement (off the cuff, I remember some Gina from south america and some Elisabeth that was frenchspeaking). No real answer was provided as time was running out.
Second day, afternoon: Yours Truly had the chance to speak about Babels involvement in nairobi. I more or less conveyed the ideas that I read on the mails that I had the chance to see (through my cell phone, no less): That babels was a bit concerned about the lack of communication, that time was running out etc.. etc... I didnt mention the budget for the Interpretation system because 1) I barely know anything about Alis and 2) they said the interpretation equipment was already being taken care of
they answered that
the budget that Bables had requested was WAY more than they expected (they said "close to 1 million dollars" -obvious exageration but I was in the booth and could not reply) and if they didnt collaborate with us it was just because they didn't have the money (I'm not entirely confortable in sharing information that I heard while working, professional confidentiality and all, but they're really REALLY far from having gathered 100% of the expected budget)
They didn't expect the requirements of babels to be so expensive: they felt that the demand for a HQ and the presence of paid Babels coordinators from outside Africa was unnecessary at best
they decided to self-organize the interpreter recruiting and mobilization and they had already some contacts
they felt that somehow some members of babels had been promised paid jobs to organize the Nairobi WSF and that was the reason why they were so adamant in wanting to come
I didn't have the chance to reply to that on the second day. No time and when I tried to approach the person who had spoken he just waived and said "maybe later, bye" (the Nairobi OC was very busy though)

SO... on the third day I still felt that my answers had not been answered... so when the IC was over I gathered all the courage I had and in a surge of Babel-energy (TM) I stopped the "boss" of the kenyan delegation and said I needed to have a word with him (this was not the person who "answered" my questions). I once again asked for some details on the interpreters of the WSF and he said to me that if there had not been a real communication between Babels "world" and Babels kenya it was due to hte fact that they were really busy organizing the event and didn't feel the need to be helped. He said they had mobilized several activists in the area, they trained some interpreters and had some recruiting activities in universities. He was also very helpful and gave me his card so I could contact him on monday (when he's back to kenya) and he'll give me the adress of the person in charge of this (which I'll later forward to you guys). He regreted the lack of communication.

All in all, I think this sums it up for now.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, there might be some things that I had left out, but a friend of mine "taped" on his computer the whole event.

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