Activity 6 – Alternative equipment

EN Project of International Meeting of Babels and Networks for Alternative Translation and Communication Systems. ES Proyecto de Reunión Internacional sobre Babels y Redes de Equipos de Traducción Alternativa. FR Projet de rencontres internationales des réseaux Babels et d’équipement de traduction alternatif.

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Postby cruzma » Wed Mar 01, 2006 8:03 pm


Los equipos constituyen un tema que aún no veo publicado y que es de vital importancia para que un foro funcione. ¿Alguien sabe algo al respecto?

The hsubject of equipment is something I haven't yet seen published and which is ESSENTIAL for a forum to work. Does anybody know anything about it?


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Activity proposal - Recording a Social Forum

Postby spyros » Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:22 pm

Recording a Social Forum

Recording a Social Forum is a political action at least for two main reasons. The first reason is that speakers and speeches are never or nearly never written. Often speakers came from organizations in which writing is not the main vehicle to express struggle, alternative and so on. The second reason is that ideas are not only shared, or exceptionally shared, through writing.

Recording a Social Forum is leading to many issues, to name a few that needs to be assessed outside of the principle itself:
- The notion of ownership. Who owns what for whom in which context?
- The notion of accessibility. Indexing hours of conferences and hundred of speakers in order for people to get what they want easily. Making it available at least through electronic means: streaming or peer to peer?
- The notion of quality. The quality of the sound is important because it needs to be listened to. The quality of interpretation is important because it needs to be made available to other people than the people from the linguistic group of the speaker.
- The tools developed for doing the job. Open source software as a key part of this “electronic activism”.


Alexis Panagiotopoulos (EN/EL)
Thanasis Karageorgiou (EN/EL)

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Activity proposal - Translation equipment

Postby spyros » Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:25 pm

Translation Equipment: A new reality in the Social Forum

Thanks to the ESF6-Athens decision a new reality appeared in the Social Forum: the equipment enabling interpreting in conference rooms. After the WSF6-Bamako try-out, the ESF6-Athens process and full deployment and in the wake in particular of the WSF7-Nairobi and ESF dynamic in Europe as well a other SF in the world, if solutions are at hand concerning a certain number of issues, new ones have been raised.

It is now possible to imagine a Social forum to happen anywhere in the world, provided that the cost of shipping the existing equipment and the knowledge transmission to manage it, are resolved. The solution developed is based on an old technology: FM, because FM radios are cheap and available anywhere, any Forum can imagine to provide to 20,000, to 50,000 people or even more, a mean to listen to their language at a marginal cost. Of course as all decision, this is a political decision which leads to this new situation, based on the will to democratize the Social forum organizing, and, by making it possible to have around 4 languages simultaneously in 50 rooms, to democratize the Social Forum attendance. It is an enhancement of the entire Social Territory idea.

We need to assess this new situation as well as provide for guidelines and protocols for the future in order to guarantee a real:
- Accessibility to these equipments to Social Forums
- Mean to be autonomous for any group in charge of equipment for a Social Forum
- Way to express and practice solidarity internationally
- Re-thinking of the language diversity dynamics in SF processes and during SF events
- Making the designs available using “open source” type patents

We need also to imagine the future of ALIS (How do we organize? Do we want?), the relations between ALIS and Babels (As an autonomous project within Babels therefore influencing their own definition? As a total different group?), ALIS in relation with OCs and International bodies or assemblies managing social Forums (International Council, Hemispheric Council, European Preparatory Assembly, and so on). Democratizing Social Forums is also democratizing technical issues.

Thanos Chrysos (EN/EL)
Spyros Niakas (EN/EL)

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Translation equipment

Postby cruzma » Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:43 am

Hi Thanos, Spyros: I am not sure how subjects are being handled in the forum. I already posted my interest on translation equipment somewhere yesterday. We should try to unify subjects. In any case, if you guys are the coordinators, I would like to join this group. I'm Maricruz and I'm a professional Ecuadorian interpreter/translator based in Quito. I've worked in the Quito, POA, and Caracas Fora and equipment was what made the difference in Caracas. At this moment, I am urged to leave for a meeting, but I hope to continue in touch in order to have a discussion subject for Paris.

Maria Fernanda
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Postby Maria Fernanda » Fri Mar 03, 2006 9:28 pm

Hola Maricruz, tanto tiempo sin saber de ti.
Estoy de acuerdo con la importancia que tiene el tema y no me parece haber vista nada al respecto. Me contaron que los equipos utilizados en Caracas fueron el éxito del momento, funcionaron a las mil maravillas y que habian servido para su proposito perfectamente.

No se que piensan los organizadores sobre el tema y si ya se encontró solución?????
Maria Fernanda

Maria Brander
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recording the forum

Postby Maria Brander » Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:01 pm

Dear Alexis and Thanasis,
Your proposal could also be of use for creating teaching and sit-prep material.
It would be great to work together and exchange ideas.
Please have a look at our proposal:

See you in June! Can't wait!

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Equipos para interpretación

Postby monica » Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:09 pm

Creo que hay dos actividades propuestas alrededor de la cuestión:Electronics tools/Alternative Interpretation System y otra sobre Translation equipment.
Si en Caracas o en Barcelona o Paris funcionó la interpretación fue porque hubo recursos para alquilar la tecnología apropiada, lo cual para darles un dato fue de unos 300 mil euros en el FSMed.No todos los foros cuentan con este presupuesto y Nomad y Alis surgieron como experiencias alternativas.Pero como interpretes estamos de acuerdo: sin buenos equipos no puede haber buena y eficaz interpretación.

Babels June 2006
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Activity 6 – Alternative equipment

Postby Babels June 2006 » Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:40 pm

-Activity proposal - Recording a Social Forum [spyros]
-Activity proposal - Translation equipment [spyros]

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Postby ljesover » Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:18 am

Dear all,

You participate to the elaboration of this workshop

This workshop will be scheduled Saturday June 3rd during 4 hours. In order to facilitate it we need to meet one of you Friday June 2nd at 19h00 at the location of the opening of the International Encounter (75 Bd Vincent Auriol). Some important information will be available at that time that could help your workshop to be sucessfull. It is of the outmost importance that one person for each of the workshop is having them.

Two persons will facilitate this half an hour meeting. Contacts:
Thanos - +33 (0)
Bettina - +33 (0)



Vous avez participé à l'élaboration de cet atelier

Cet atelier se déroulera le samedi 3 juin durant 4 heures. Dans le but de l'animer nous avons besoin de rencontrer une personne d'entre vous le vendredi 2 juin à 19h00, sur les lieux de l'ouverture des Rencontres internationales (75 bd Vincent Auriol). Des informations importantes seront alors disponibles qui permettront de faire de votre atelier un succès. Il est de la plus grande importance qu'une personne pour chacun des ateliers les ait.

Deux personnes animeront cette réunion d'une demie heure. Contacts:
Thanos - +33 (0)
Bettina - +33 (0)

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