Section 1: The Objectives of Babels

- To affirm the right of everybody to express themselves in the language of their choice.

- To increase the linguistic, cultural and social diversity in the Social Forums process.

- To ensure communication within this diversity as a political act.

- To strive for new, non-hierarchical practices of political organisation.

- To acknowledge our cultural differences in international collective organising.

- To reaffirm the value of all actors contributing with their skills to the Social Forums process.

- To support projects that share our objectives.

- To collaborate with other networks which form part of the Social Forums process.

- To ensure that the translation projects are an integral part of the Social Forums organisation and therefore are developed from within the Social Forum organising committees.

Section 2: The Nature of Babels
- Babels subscribes the Charter of Porto Alegre (link to the charter)
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