Is Babels 'cost-effective' ?

Many social forum organizers unaccustomed to interpretation issues have difficulty in assessing the costs of interpretation. We shall attempt to provide real-case comparisons between what Babels has cost in past social forums, and what commercial, paid-for interpretation would have cost or, indeed, has cost in other forums. This will help social forum organizers make informed decisions as to the strategy they wish to adopt when it comes to interpretation.

This is why we shall adopt a purposefully market-based viewpoint in assessing the differences between the two strategies, talking about 'cost-effectiveness', 'costs', and 'benefits'.

This report is valid only for social forums, as Babels repeatedly refuses to undercut the market of interpreters and translators whose income depends on paid-for service.

Babels events:
  1. Paris ESF 2003
  2. Mumbai WSF 2004
  3. London ESF 2004
  4. POA WSF 2005
  5. Caracas WSF 2006
  6. Athens ESF 2006

Non-Babels events:
  1. POA WSF 2003
  2. POA WSF 2002
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