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Babels-UK Homepage

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This section has ESF06 (Athens) related material in it - BabelsUkESF06

The following section is more concerned with the ESF04 -

1. Minutes of Meetings
2. UK Debrief Meeting (see UKDebrief11Dec)
3. Budget proposals for Debrief and knowledge transmission
4. Babels Reports
5. Agenda Proposals for European De-brief
6. Directory
7. Questionnaire
8. European debrief meeting: pricing

Other Babels UK - important documents:

1. ESF Company reply to Babels coor statement - 3 Oct 2004
2. Babels UK Reply to Danny - 11 Nov 2004
3. Babels UK Reply on Sign Language
4. Babels UK update and proposals to ESF Coord 27 Nov 2004
5. ESF Company explained

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