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@@====Wiki 1: ""BabelsWiki"":

This wiki should be open only to 'coordinating' babelites working on specific projects.
The wiki should **not** be mentioned in public pages to avoid spammers.
~&Too late - it's on Google. Can we make sure Google's spiders do not index the site? --PatricK
~~&I had noticed... I guess you're right about doing something about it. I just followed [[ Google instructions]] to have the whole wiki removed from their indexes. ++We'll see in a few weeks if it works!++ It works--YanB
This is what I added in a ##robots.txt## file in the root directory:%%User-agent: *
Disallow: /wiki/
Disallow: /archives/
Disallow: /dumps/
Disallow: /forum/

TextSearchExpanded should not be accessible for Google. In fact, for nobody. Can we remove it? It gives read access to part of the wiki - even those for which one would require auth. A bug imho.

-Updated to --YanB

(to be taken into account if there's an update: check that they still work):
-modified wakka.php to create [[ usergroups]], see [[CategoryUsergroup Category Usergroup]] --YanB

-translate document: ++WikiInstrucciones++ ''done'', PT and FR translations soon.
-try to make this wikka utf-8 compliant
~&I posted a question on the official wikka site. --YanB

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