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A Usergroup is useful to control ACLs for pages without having to list individual Wikinames.

For example, you can create a Usergroup 'Go-go-dancers'. You first create a UsergroupPage. For example: UsergroupGogodancers. In this new page, you list the Wikinames of the people belonging to this usergroup using "+" signs:

+Username3+ , etc.

Modify the ACLs of this UsergroupPage to reflect who is allowed to manage the group. For example:
Write ACLs:
means that only these 2 users can modify the list of people in UsergroupGogodancers.

Once you have a Usergroup, you can use the name of the UsergroupPage in any ACLs. For instance, in a new page called GogoEvents, you can modify the ACLs and put as 'Write ACLs': UsergroupGogodancers. This means that everyone in the UsergroupGogodancers can write in GogoEvents.

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