Hey there!

This page has been sitting here long enough now. As no-one has expressed any feelings towards giving a beautiful name to this project, I'm going to choose one myself, and then give you a couple of weeks to see how you react. If you hate it, we'll change it again.

If, as I fear, no-one gives a flying monkey, which is what has been happening up till now, pues very well, Manuel...

Here's my favourite:
WannaBels: Didactic Issues in Babels
It's funny and doesn't imply we're some sort of school (I particulary don't like the ones with the words learning or teaching in them, because like it or not, we're still very ad hoc...).

Your turn, guys.

We need more suggestions: we have to find the perfect name for our project, ma friends.

Funny, but not laughable, serious, but not boring. A name which will not give rise to misunderstandings (we are NOT an interpreting school).

This is what we've got for now:

DidactiBels: Didactic Issues in Babels
BabyBels: the future of Babels
BabeLogic: Babels-Pedagogic
MiniBels: starting babelitos
MiniBabelitos: first-timers in Babels
WannaBelitos: starting babelitos
WannaBels: Didactic Issues in Babels
BabeLearn: Learning in Babels
PractiBels: Practice in Babels
TeachingBels: Didactic Issues in Babels
BabbeLing: Ensuring Linguistic Diversity in Babels with Basic Training
BabbeLing: Ensuring the presence of Minority Languages in Social Forums with basic training
BabbleMent: Mentoring in Babels
BabbeLing: Babelito Learning
BabElation: Babels Education (?)

Other suggestions/ideas:

An acronym of some sort (of the ALIS type). Please think.
In another language (of the ECOS type, or whatever, as in TIK: Teaching Interpreting Kiosque ;-) It's only a stupid example, forgive me.

, or whatever nonsense you come up with and we all like ;-) Please add, but don't erase in this part without consulting the rest first!

NEW Time is almost up! Please add your preferences for the name before Sept. 4th!


March 2008

Hello there, this is almost two years later.

I guess if no-one has said anything about The Name in all this time, it's because it doesn't really matter, as long as the project advances.

Very well, then, let's call it DidactiBels. Congratulations, it's a girl.

And let's start. If you want to join us in the development of this new training tool, click here:


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