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Report on Travelling and Registration-Reimbursement

What did I plan to do?

After having to wait about three months for my prepaid ticket to Malmö... I finally got there in the middle of August. Already in the mid of August and almost one month before the 5th ESF there was nothing on travelling. I was supposed to start contacting people for their travel arrangements as soon as possible. Instead, we, together with other coordinators, started selecting people for several booths.

The idea was to make it as easier and as fair as possible for everyone keeping seperate files for each interpreter. The reimbursement form would be alreay filled in according with the details each interpreter would have given to us before arriving. During the registration we would put inside the file all the additional invoices, tickets, etc. Then we would doublecheck together with each interpreter his/ her file. We would create seperate folders for people reimbursed on Saturday and for people reimbursed on Sunday, in alphabetical order.

We thought of creating the “reimbursement group”. After having contacted interpreters and arranged their travel, each interpreter would receive a message from the reimbursement group asking them to send all their invoices, e-tickets, etc. In advance. Then we would print all that, so that we have everything ready, before the registration. One person from the NOC or the finance committee should attend to check by himself/ herself and take also the responsibility. Since noone from the NOC trusted us and gave us access to the budget, they shouldn't have left us alone.

What have I done?

A few days after arriving I started contacting people asking them, according to the travel message we composed, to find the cheapest way to come to Malmö. Although it was already too late, we managed to find and agree upon the cheapest solution. Some agreements were also made, in cases of delayed purchase of the confirmed ticket.

The registration worked more or less as planned without particular problems. For me, much better organised than in the previous ESF. The experience I had from Athens was very helpful though.

We had to print people's invoices, e-ticets, etc, because we couldnt manage to find a printer and do it before the registration had started. Of course, most of the work we did the last weeks went wasted due to the problems with the NOC and the lack of cash. Instead, we had to create a new list giving priority to people coming from CEE and Turkey to get reimbursed. All the others would be reimbursed via transfer. Already 3 weeks after the Forum and most of the interpreters haven't got their money back.

What could I have done better/ problems faced?

I could have started contacting people earlier in order not having to exceed the budget in case we managed to find all the interpreters needed, according to the linguistic needs. The fact that we had less interpreters, also due to many cancellations, made us not spend a lot of money, although all the procedure had started very late.
It would also have helped a lot, if people, especially coordinators, read all the messages and protocolls carefully. In that case we would have avoided misunderstandings and double-booked tickets (just one case).

In general, it was a very well organised registration, thanks to many people!

We shouldn't have been involved with issues like that. I insisted many times that, at least, someone from the NOC or the finance committee should be there guarding the envelopes filled with money.
If they don't trust us from the beginning, we should not get involved in this.
If we find another way to deal with this, we will be left with a lot of time to do other, more important things during the forum and actually help.


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