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From Babels to all ESF Speakers and Organisers: Advance Information Requested for a Better Level of Interpretation at the ESF.

Babels, the international network of volunteer interpreters and translators will be organising interpretation at the ESF in London.

Simultaneous interpretation is at the core of international Social Forums as it allows speakers and delegates from different linguistic backgrounds to understand each other. Babels volunteers at the ESF enable speakers to express themselves in the language of their choice and enable the audience to understand what the speakers are saying.

In order for Babels volunteers to deliver a good level of interpretation which will have a direct impact on the quality of the debates it is absolutely essential that the interpreters receive in advance some background information about the content of the speeches of all plenaries and seminars.

The vocabulary used by alter-globalisation activists is not the vocabulary of the everyday life. Interpreters (professionals and amateurs) will need to learn in advance the relevant vocabulary and key terms related to the sessions they will cover in their respective languages.

It is the responsibility of all speakers and organisations who are presenting seminars and plenaries to notify Babels of the necessary background information to Babels prior to the ESF.
If you want your speeches to be well interpreted by Babels volunteers and so better understood by the delegates, Please follow the instructions bellow:

1. For Plenaries:
The chairs of plenaries are responsible for compiling background information from the speakers of their plenaries. They will then have to send the information to: esf-uk3@babels.org before the 25th of September

2. For Seminars:
The coordinator (i.e the main contact person for the seminar) is responsible for compiling background information from all the speakers of his/her seminar(s). S/he will then have to send the information to: esf-uk3@babels.org before the 5th of October.

The background information should include the following

A/General plenary/seminar information:
- Title of the plenary or seminar
- Name of all the organisations involved in the seminar or plenary (including the meaning of acronyms if any)
- 2 sentences on the topic of the plenary or seminar

B/ Speaker information:
- Name of the speaker, language s/he will speak into and organisations s/he belongs to
- A few sentences about the content of the speech
- key terms and expressions and specialist vocabulary
- figures and key dates
- organisations and acronyms
- names of treaties, laws and other regulation
- Full text of the speech if available
- Any other important information

More information, including a form to submit your information to babels will be available soon on the ESF website (www.fse-esf.org).
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