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NOC response to Babels letter
16 September

We are so sorry for the situation which has evolved. It is difficult for
all of us. Now we have the choice to work together for the best
solution, or work against each other.

The decision of giving all interpreters solidarity accomodation were
taken by the coordination group when we thought that we were going to
have 1000 solidarity accommodations. Half of them would be reserved for
the 500 interpreters. Today we have a situation where we don't have
these numbers. This is the problem we have to solve.

The responsables of accommodation have been working very hard to find
solutions to this situation. Their solution is not optimal, but it is
the best we can do right now.

For the people coming the next couple of days we have 15 more beds in
solidarity accomondations. Confirmed today! The scout accomondation 10
And 20 more beds in solidarity accomondations reported to the website
today, but not yet confirmed.

For the other interpreters there is right now (Monday 11.10 PM) no other
solutions than good mass accommodation. No tents or sports hall, but
in small rooms with maximum 18 people.

We are doing everything we can for finding more accomondations. We have
assigned more volonteers for calling and arranging solidarity
accommodations and members from the board will try to come upp with new
creative solutions.
In the meentime we ask Babels to

* work out a list of priorities. Who needs the best beds and the
small rooms the most?
* ask all interpreteurs if they can accept mass accommodation
* work together with us and be open to all kinds of ideas and
solutions that can help us in this situation.

So donĀ“t tell people that they don't have anywhere to sleep and that
they have to go home, even though the facilities are not desired standard.

We are doing everything we can for working out a solution - we hope
that you will work with us.

The board of NOC.

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