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Response to the NOC proposal

1. From the start, we must be clear: the budgetary responsibility lies
in your lap. We have not been in full control of the interpretation
budget, and therefore cannot be said to be responsible now, only two
days before the forum, when expenses have increased ten-fold because of
previous disastrous short-term decisions.
2. You have not replied to any of our requests. Given the lack of
dialogue, we do not wish to be imposed new conditions.
3. You claim you want to remain in continuous communication with the
finance group, but the finance group has repeatedly failed to remain in
communication with Babels.
4. We have already explained to Lina the concrete measures we proposed
to take to secure accommodation while limiting costs, but have received
a proposal that corresponds to what has already been proposed to us.

You have wasted our time, we do not wish to continue with these fake
negotiations, and your lack of leadership has made it impossible for us
to begin planning the work for interpreters.

Either you accept our proposal as formulated to Lina today, or we will
tell interpreters to go home IMMEDIATELY. We will also start informing
seminar organizers that we have been forced to CANCEL INTERPRETATION due
to your negligence. Seminar organizers will receive full communication
of our correspondence on the issue of accommodation. You are responsible
for this situation.

Our proposal:

1. To be entrusted with an ESF credit card to book and pay for the
necessary accommodation, ink cartridges, bus tickets, and telephone
communications to arrange accommodation for the volunteers arriving
today and tomorrow. A member of the finance group IN THE BOARD can
monitor costs, but we will not accept ANY interference. The member of
the finance group IN THE BOARD will tell us when we are reaching our
budgetary limit.
2. To be given full control of the budget allocated to Babels. To pay
for accommodation, we will use the global Babels budget (accommodation
and travel budget).
3. We will continue to favour solidarity accommodation and any other
free, or low-cost solution, within the standards exposed in our previous
exchanges. If a house or school does not have mattresses and bedsheets,
we will not send interpreters. Solutions must be ready-made, we cannot
waste more time to hunt for mattresses.

You have 30 minutes to reply. That is generous, since we have been
waiting for a realistic and honest response from you since last night
and every hour waiting for your reaction means interpreters are waiting
in our offices with no guaranteed and decent accommodation.

In case this proposal was not clear, we expect from you either YES or
NO. You have left us no other option.

Please remember: Another World Is Possible
Babels coordination team

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