ESF 2008 Reimbursement Conditions

Procedures for the purchase and reimbursement of tickets will be the following:
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed if they are not on TG’s final list
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed if they buy their ticket without TG’s approval.
Only exception: If the tickets are below 60 euros or 600 SEK for travels from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany and below 150 euros from other countries. This amount have to cover all expenses (example: transport to and from airports)
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed if they don’t go to the sessions they haven been scheduled
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed in case they miss the flight

Interpreters will NOT be reimbursed if:
* For transportation by flight: can not give a boarding pass and the copy of the confirmation by mail/e-ticket/invoice
* For transportation by train: Tickets and an invoice.
* For bus and other transportations: Tickets and an invoice

Costs for taxi will normally NOT be reimbursed. If you do not have alternative transportation contact TG,

Copies of tickets will be made by Travel Group

Reimbursement Group (RG) will be responsible for reimbursing the interpreters during the forum (define if in cash or by transfer). For cash reimbursement, the interpreter will not be able to choose currency. Reimbursement will be made either in EUR or in SEK.
More precise information will come later.

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