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DECLARATION OF COMMITMENT for prepayed tickets

Interpreting on an alterglobalization forum is a militant action. As such, make sure you read and endorse the Babels Charter and the (Porto Alegre) Charter of Principles of the Social Forums.

Babels is pleased to welcome all volunteer interpreters that will give voice to diversity at the 5 ESF in Malmö!

We can only prepay your ticket if you are committing to volunteer as an interpreter during the ESF 2008 in Malmö and if you are absolutely sure to be available between the 15th and the 21st September. All abuse will be documented within Babels network and will compromise the prepayment for other babelistas in future social forums.

Please fullfill the information below.






Interpretation in an alterglobalization forum can be very different from what professional interpreters are used to. Babels coordinators are doing their best to achieve good working conditions for all interpreters but it is not always possible.

I, xxx, am committing myself as a volunteer interpreter for the 5 ESF, in Malmö, from September 15 to 21, 2008. I declare that I am aware of and have agreed with the terms in the above Declaration of Commitment.



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