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Babels at KIEV EPA

People attending on the esf08 budget*
Rodrigo Ginés

Volunteer interpreters from the area
Please add names

Thursday 5th of June: Meeting with the programme group:
What are the tools used by the programme group? Can Babels work with them easily?
I know they wont like the question, but I think we should make some pressure... 'When are we going to have the program ready???'

Participants (please add your name):

Schedule for Network Meetings on the 6th of June:
ROOM 3: 17.00-18.00 Babels network. Who is going to be there apart from Rodrigo and Sophie? This meeting should be used to start and foster mobilization in Easter Europe, we will talk with the Ukranian Babelistas about how to mobilise and the need of expasion to the East.We need to identify how we can carry out outreach activities in the University of Kiev.
A call for action message was sent to Ukrainian babelit@s inviting them to the meeting. Besides, I really think we should talk to Tord Björk to put us in direct contact with CEE participants, insisting to meet them to talk about mobilization in their countries.

Participants(please add your name):

Assembly: Saturday 7th June: NOC presentation 11:00-12:30
We could circulate a communiqué presenting Babels and release a leaflet insisting on the need to liaise with Babels for language needs and for preparing documents for interpreters.
German's comments on that on malmo list were very precise and concise, I think we should use them. Besides, I also think we should present rough language figures of what would be the ideal scenario (and how many interpreters registered on esf malmo per language - what does not mean at all that they will participate). I drafted one: http://www.babels.org/wiki/MalmoEsfNumberOfInterpreters1 - sorry, still didnt manage to put it as a link after 9000 attempts - should we have a look on that together really quicky?

Find some inspiration in the material of the Babels-programme group:
Esf08FormSeminars : Registration form for seminars
Esf08FormParticipants : Registration form for participants
See also material used in London (to be adapted): Esf04EPAAdvancedInfo

Babels meeting with volunteers from the region: how can we involve people from the region in Sweden (both Babels and Social Forum)

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