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Interpreter Pack

Interpreter Pack
Delivered to Nordic Babels by September 8, 2008
Ready by September 12, 2008

- x envelopes with reimbursement for airplane+bus/train tickets+ visa when needed (no later than 14/9!!!)
- x envelopes or x esf bags
- x badges
- xxx SEK for the return train ticket from the airport or anything equivalent
- xxx SEK for the return bus ticket from Malmo Central Station to accommodation
- xxx SEK or 3 meals (vouchers for food or anything equivalent) for x interpreters for Sep 15 and for x interpreters for Sep 16
- xxx SEK or 3 meals (vouchers for food or anything equivalent) for x interpreters from Sep 17 to 21
- x notebooks
- x pens/pencils
- x maps: transportation (perhaps not needed, since most of the things will be on foot; what about the bike idea?)
- x maps: Malmo
- x maps: esf venue
- x 'cultural stuff in and outside esf' (I think we should prepare such a thing)
- x photocopies of the program (or only a few to be checked)
- x photocopies of personal schedule (working plan) (or only a few to be checked)
- x declaration of participation (or else a clear agreed position on why ALL coordinations must not provide it)

in babels rooms:

- snacks (anything to give energy! fruits would do!) + water (a lot!!!), coffee and tea (from Sep 17 to 21 at Babels resting room)
- toilet paper
- computers (three for the office, three for the translation room (when there is one) at least)
- telephones (for the office)

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