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Travel Message


Travel Message

This is the Travel Group from Malmo ESF Babels.
You have committed to participate as a volunteer interpreter for the ESF in Malmö.

In order to be as fair as possible and to be able to have a broad geographical selection and to avoid to the largest possible extent to contribute to environmental destruction we would be grateful if you could consider to use the cheapest possible transportation and prefere collective transports (bus and train).

1) Look for the cheapest ticket

Buy it without asking us if the price is below:
If it costs more, do ask us first, otherwise you won’t be reimbursed!

The costs include all transportation costs (eventual transportation to and from the station or to the airport) to Malmö. Costs for taxi will normally not be reimbursed. If you do not have alternative transportation contact us at

If you are not able to prepay your ticket, find the cheapest ticket, send us the information at and put in the subject of your mail "help to buy the ticket". You should also complete the declaration of commitment,, and send it to us by mail.

For practical information about how to come to Malmö go to the following page.

2) Send the details of your ticket to and wait for approval

a) dates (ideal 15 or 21/09/08)
b) time of arrival and departure
c) company
d) price

The travel group will try to reply within 48 h.

3) When the Travel Group has sent you the aproval,
Reimbursement will be made 20th and 21st of September in cash (EUR or SEK) or by transfer. We will send you more detailed information later.

If you are not able to prepay your ticket: When you sent information about the cheapest ticket and sent us the completed commitment form (, wait to be contacted.

The accommodation Group will contact you!

4) If you need a visa

Send a mail to, write in the mail's subject "visa for interpreter".
You will get an invitation and visa should be for free or reimbursed by the Nordic Organising Committee.

If you are not following this procedures, we will not be able make any reimbursment for your costs.

Please check reimbursement conditions

Another world is possible,
Malmo ESF Babels

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