A call for all interpreters and translators:

Participation in the European Social Forum 2008

17-21 Semptember 2008
Malmö, Sweden

Babels is an international network of interpreters and translators, which was born in September 2002 out of the needs of the European Social Forum (ESF) in Florence. Babels has organised the interpretation for the ESF – Florence 2002, Paris 2003, London 2004 and Athens 2006, as well as the World Social Forum in Mumbai 2004, Porto Alegre 2005 and the Polycentric WSF in Bamako and Caracas.

Babels website: http://www.babels.org - Babels at ESF 2008 (http://www.babels.org/article5.html)

The ESF is a space for multilingual dialogue, an exchange and comparison of opinions, as well as discussion of a plethora of social, political, cultural and environmental issues such as peace, human rights, immigration, fair trade, sustainable development, women rights etc.
Interpreting is necessary at the ESF to produce mutual understanding and effective cultural dialogue. The ESF in Malmö, in Sweden, which is going to be held on 17-21 September 2008, will follow the spirit of the previous social forums in Europe, and thousands of participants will gather in order to discuss alternatives to the existing system.

Aims of Babels

• To offer an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in the language of their choice.
• To contribute in discussions of the importance of language in the mechanisms of cultural domination, and in the exchange of opinions between different social and civil movements.
• To employ our qualifications and experience as interpreters and translators to help the social movements and civil society organisations that come together in the Social Forums to share, debate and coordinate at an international level.

Interpreting at the European Social Forum (ESF)

If you are a professional interpreter (whatever your level of experience), or you are not an interpreter but are fluent in at least one foreign language and would like to contribute to the success of the social forum, then you could become a member of Babels. This ESF is dedicated to increasing the participation in the Forum of people from Scandinavian countries, and we are particularly interested in the correspondent language combinations.

We also welcome sign language interpreters in order to make the ESF even more accessible.

For more information on Babels network, visit our website: http://www.babels.org
You can register online or contact Babels coordinators…

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