To interpreters who needs a visa to enter Sweden/EU. A list of countries that need a visa can be found here:

Send an email to Joel Borgstrom (visa-coordinator at ESF-5) with the following information:

1. First name:
2. Surname:
3. Date of birth:
3. Passportnumber:
4. Date of issue:
5. Date of expiry:
6. Issued by:
7. Organisation: (I suppose we can put Babels network here?)
8. Address
9. Phone:
10. Email:

Joel will then put this information in an official invitation to attend the ESF in Malmo and send it to the Swedish embassy/consulate general in your country. He will also send a copy directly to you that you need to print and bring with you when you go to the embassy/consulate general to fill in the proper forms etc. All embassies have basic requirements on which documents you need to bring with you when you apply:

1. Two colour photo, not older than 6 months
2. Passport with a minimum of 3 months of validity from the date when the visa should expire and a copy of the first (photo) page of the passport and other pages containing stamps or previous visas.
3. Individual medical travel insurance that should cover:
- the costs that can come up in connection with emergency medical help and/or urgent hospital treatment.

- return to the home country due to medical reasons

- the insurance should be valid in the whole Schengen territory, all EU countries, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

- the insurance should cover the whole time of the validity of the visa and cover expenses of a minimum of 30.000 Euros. During the submission of the visa application the original insurance document should be shown and a copy should be attached to the application.

The Embassy recommends that the applicant chooses an insurance company which will reimburse the insurance fee in case the visa would not be granted.

Please note that beside these requirements some embassies demand additional information such as an employment certificate, photocopies of the passport etc. Information for a number of countries is available on this homepage: but you can also contact the embassy directly - find their contactinformation through this page:

If you have any questions regarding visas don't hesitate to call or email Joel:

Joel Borgstrom, Visa-coordinator

Nordic OC for ESF 2008
+ 46 (0)733-507671

c/o Kvarnby Folkhögskola
Industrigatan 4
212 14 Malmö

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