Complete procedure for selection, tickets and reimbursement

Target: Selection Groups

Procedures for selection, coordination, tickets and reimbursement

1. Linguistic needs proposed by Germàn and Planning Group (PG).

102 English
72 Swedish
70 French
48 Spanish
40 Italian
38 German
30 Turkish
18 Russian
10 Hungarian
10 Greek
8 Polish
6 Danish
6 Kurdish
6 Portuguese
6 Arabic
6 Finnish
4 "CEE"
4 Norwegian
4 Czech
4 Flemish/Dutch
4 Romanian
2 Bulgarian
2 Catalan
2 Persian
2 "Scandinavian"
2 Albanian
2 Slovakian
2 Tamil

I have identified the demands basically by the active languages requested at each seminar (active = the languages of the audience, not the language of the speakers), but I've also included the passive languages in those cases where they did not coincide. In one case, Czech, I was surprised to see that the language had been demanded at four seminars on the file I worked with last week, but had disappeared from the newest file. I checked the countrie and found that sure enough four seminars had Czech speakers. I opted to maintain the language.

We will have to add some languages and interpreters since we know through the solidarity fund that some delegations will attend.
Exemple: Serbian/croatian/bosnian, makedonian

2. Selection
Selection Groups (SG) select and confirm the participation of the committed interpreters. See message for selected interpreters∞∞

2.1 The deadline for interpreters’ commitment is 6 days after the mail has been sent. Coordinators can after 6 days ask other volunteers or reask the same persons.
Selection Group make a list of confirmed interpreters
* only 1 list if all interpreters needed has confirmed that they can volunteer otherwise send according to the 3 rounds refered to below.
* If the list have more volunteer interpreters than what is needed according to the list for linguistic needs, the prioritised are the first on the list.

Criterias for balance in the selection
* Balance of cost and development of Babels in Nordic countries: If there is volunteer interpreters living in the Nordic countries and in Germany, you have to choose them. If the number of people from Nordic countries and Germany exceeds 50% of the needs, you can select 50% in other countries.
* Balance of competence: try to have 60% professionals, 20% experienced and 20% first experienced.
* Combinations: try to have different combinations according to the list of linguitic needs. ( Exemple: for turkish booth. Choose combinations like turkish/english, turkish/swedish…)

2.2 Selection Group liason person sends the list of interpreters to Travel Group (TG), The deadlines for SG sending Travel Group confirmed interpreters’ lists (name+contact info+linguistic combination) are.
* 08/08/17: first round: send list of all interpreters that have send a confirmation
* 08/08/22: second round
* 08/08/27: third and last round (try to avoid to be as late)

If afterwards more interpreters are needed it’s up to SG to select more, thus SG could select ‘stand-by/extra’ interpreters.

-Possible issues-
If there is no Babels coordination for certain booths, volunteers from other selection groups will be in charge of selecting the interpreters for the respective booths.

3. Travel Group contacts committed interpreters
See travel message

Interpreters are asked to look for cheapest possible tickets and send the information to and wait for approval
The TG will try to send approval within 48h

Travel arrangements follow the procedures listed below:
· Selection Group send list of committed interpreters to Travel Group, which will send travelmessage to all interpreters
· Interpreters are asked to look for cheapest possible tickets and to consider transportation by bus if possible for economic and environmental reasons.
· BEFORE BUYING THE TICKET, every interpreter HAS TO INFORM TG THE TOTAL EXPENSES (airplane+bus/train tickets, visa when needed ONLY) and wait for TG’s approval. NO REIMBURSMENT will be made otherwise. The only exception is if the tickets are very cheap as explained below. TAXI STUFF
From travel message:
”Buy it without asking us if the price is below:
* 600 SEK or 60 EUR from Sweden, Danmark, Norway, Finland and Germany
* 150 EUR from other countries.”
· If visa is needed interpreter send a mail to, write in the mail's subject "visa for interpreter". The interpreter will get an invitation and visa should be for free or reimbursed by the Nordic Organising Committee.
Only after written approval from TG the interpreter may buy his ticket.
If the interpreter is not able to buy his/her ticket, travelgroup will try to buy ticket within 4 days.
* Tickets can be paid in advance only if
- The travel company reimburse the ticket if it is cancelled.
- If the Travel Group can decide otherwise.
All interpreters with prepayed tickets have to send back to TG a completed declaration of commitment.∞,

Interpreters are asked to send ticket’s details to TG

Accommodation Group (AG) contacts interpreters

Interpreters will be reimbursed by reimbursement group (RG)in Malmö. Information will come later.
Reimbursement will be made in cash or by transfer. The interpreter will may be not be able to choose the currency. Reimbursement will be made in Euro or in Swedish Crowns.

ESF 2008 Reimbursement Conditions

Procedures for the purchase and reimbursement of tickets will be the following:
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed if they are not on TG’s final list
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed if they buy their ticket without TG’s approval.
Only exception: If the tickets are below 60 euros or 600 SEK for travels from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany and below 150 euros from other countries. This amount have to cover all expenses (example: tranport to and from airports)
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed if they don’t go to the sessions they haven been scheduled
· Interpreters won’t be reimbursed in case they miss the flight (add further details)

Interpreters will not be reimbursed if:
* For transportation by flight: can not give a boarding pass and the copy of the confirmation by mail/e-ticket/invoice
* For transportation by train: Tickets and an invoice.
* For bus and other transportations: Tickets and an invoice
Copies of tickets will be made by Travel Group

Costs for taxi will normally not be reimbursed. If you do not have alternative transportation contact TG,

Reimbursement Group (RG) will be responsible for reimbursing the interpreters during the forum (define if in cash or by transfer). For cash reimbursement, the interpreter will not be able to choose currency. Reimbursement will be made either in EUR or in SEK.
More precise information will come later.

4. Selected interpreters with tickets
Travel Group will enlist the interpreters’ names, contact info, total expenses, date and time of arrival and departure, adding the volunteers to the list: ESF08_selected. Only TG add people to this list.
This guarantees an accurate, 'certified' quality to the list of people selected and confirmed for the ESF.
ESF08_selected will be the basis for the Accommodation Group and for the Reimbursement Group. Therefore, only ESF08_selected will be ‘valid’. All the other lists would be considered as ‘provisional’.
Please note that SG are free to create lists on the database (e.g. TR_booth_selected), although this can be useful when the list of selected volunteers exceeds 30. Below that number, it's probably a waste of time/energy to create a new list.

SG liason person may contact TG about travel arrangements at:

Good to read for all coordinators:

Possible issues:

- Interpreters are asked to arrive on xx/xx/xx, but of course, if they find a cheaper flight for xx/xx/xx, they should go for it
- people who need special conditions (e.g. no really late/early flights)
- people who are in two different selection processes (DE and FR, for ex. Being selected both by the FR and DE booth-> obviously PG will see when they are most needed);
- people who get to know that others have been selected and start wondering/getting anxious and writing e-mails… -> clear selection criteria!!!!! Ex. Why did YYY was confirmed and I was not?... ex. we can confirm another interpreter for the IT booth, that is, YYY, but for the moment we cannot confirm ZZZ, since we already confirmed more interpreters for this booth than the estimated figure; etc
- TG confirms some interpreters for xxx booth, which SG hadn’t yet confirmed ex. interpreters were waiting for a confirmation from xxx booth and they've got it from Nordic booth and TG, so they get confused. -> SG send lists with exact numbers so TG don’t have to pick someone up and leave someone else out and SG reply to everyone properly
* This is problematic to me! We loose time to buy tickets if we ask for lists with exact nb and having list with more interpreter than needed can make us win time later on. I would prefere to have messages sent to all within a language selection " If you haven't received a confirmation mail previously, you have not been selected on the first round for the XXX booth. You might be contacted for other booths or very soon for the XXX booth when we know the linguistic needs that are still not covered". (Sophie)
- people writing directly to TG before SG send their name (they can say they have already been selected, but if they are not in the list TG has to waste time checking, etc)
- communication between SG and TG -> try to avoid lack of information, crossed/confused/missed information, respect politeness/behavior “policy”
- people who are not on the SG list and they cannot find whether they were selected or not
* as I wrote before: I would prefere to have messages sent to all within a language selection " If you haven't received a confirmation mail previously, you have not been selected on the first round for the XXX booth. You might be contacted for other booths or very soon for the XXX booth when we know the linguistic needs that are still not covered". (Sophie)

* And I think we should send a message to all when we are finished: The selection is now made/completed, and we are .... to inform that you have not been selected this time. Thank you for showing interest in this project ... (Sophie)

- people who were selected, never replied to the SG email, being then not selected, but who replied to the TG in a much later stage
* Please reply to that mail! " If you are not replying to this mail, you would not be in the final selectionlist and get your confirmation code. You cannot contact the travelgroup without code and be on the final selectionlist" (Sophie)

- people who change e-mail and don’t let SG/TG know; send the travel approval both for the interpreter and the SG
* Good idea to send confirmation both to selection and to interpreter
* Change of mail: What can we do? Call them? (Sophie)

- people who wish to travel together, but were not selected at the same time/in the same lot * "Sorry this will not be possible"

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