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updated to 3.0.1
Sat, 12 Apr 2008 19:39 CEST [diff]

GermanG, YanB, LaurentJesover

Updated to 3.0.1 -- YanB

Codebase changes to the default version of phpBB (in other words, when you update, please verify that these MODs still work. If they don't, you might want to reinstall them):
Since updating to Olympus, ie. version 3, these MODs our outdated
-added many different language packs to make the forum i10N (international) : users can choose the language of the forum --YanB
-auto_lang_1.1.1 : the forum appears automatically in the language of the visitor's browser --YanB
-topics_anywhere_1110 : syndication feature which gets the topics of a forum, or a selection of forums. Very useful. To use, go to --YanB
-RSS_content_syndicator-2.0.2 : syndication feature which gets the whole text of a post within a prespecified forum. Installed for testing purposes; useful if customized. --YanB
-Simply Merge Threads: MOD which enables you to merge threads. Very useful! --YanB
-Easy BotStopper: MOD to prevent bots from adding websites and registering. --YanB added again
-Admin Userlist: MOD to perform stock operations via the admin control panel (last item on left menu). --YanB
-changed templates/subSilver/profile_add_body.tpl to change the order in which information is requested to register on the forum... in the hope of foiling stupid spambots --YanB
-TextualConfirmation-1.0.4: MOD to prevent spambots from registering. Seems to be the mostt effective solution yet! We should update the questions regularly, though.--YanB

Other superficial changes
-Changed/added ranks and added pictures for each rank. If you're not happy with any of that, change it. --YanB
-added logo + link to Babels chat, and ALIS workspace in the overall_header.tpl in templates/subSilver/ folder. --YanB
-added toolkit.php at the forum root. Accessible via internet, it allows you to manage users by bulk. I've changed permissions so that it is currently not accessible via internet. For more about the add-on I am not totally confident in: toolkit starfoxtj --YanB

Forum Management Log
-forum reorganization finished
-added `Nairobi 07' forum

-add some MODs to fight against spambots registering and posting: see anti-spam MODs

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