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Granada : who would you invite?

So far, here are the people that said they were willing to attend the reunion:

Emmanuelle - babels UK, (FR/EN),
Rita - babels UK, (iT/EN) ,
Anne - babels-fr, (FR/IT),
Stéphanie, babels-fr, (IT/FR/EN),
Yan, babels-fr, (ES/EN/FR),
Veronica, babels-be, (ES/EN/FR),
Helga, babels-de, (DE/PT/EN),
Giulia, Roma, Babels-It? et Tpp (FR/IT/ES),
Silvia Prati, babels-it (FR/IT),
Andrea or Graziella xxx, Italie, Traduttori per la pace,
Nadia, MAdrid,Maendeleo, (ES/EN),
Jesus, Ecos, (ES/EN/FR),
Julie, Ecos-Babels-uk?, (ES/EN/FR),
Carmen, Ecos,(ES/EN/DE),
Marisa, Ecos, (ES/EN/DE),
Marta, Ecos, (ES/EN/DE),
Bettina, Brésil, Babels-POA, (EN/PT/ES),
Jean-Pierre?, babels-fr, (FR/EN),
Patricia, babels-fr, (ES/EN/FR),
Marcelle, Brésil, Babels-Rio?,(EN/PT),
Sidiki, Sénégal, (FR/wolof),
Olga, Babels-Uruguay? (FR/ES),
Maria Fernanda, Babels-Colombia? (ES/EN),
Lourdes, Cuba (ES/FR)
Monica, Suisse, (FR/EN/DE)
Stefan, Poland (DE/PL/EN)
JaroslawPoland? (EN/PL)
Dawid Starczewski (EN/PL)
Robin Virgirn (En, babels-uk)
Jovana, FYROM, Macedonia (EN/?)
Lenita, FYROM, Albania (?)
Maya Chidiac, from Beyrouth, (FR/AR/?)
Barbora Molanorova, Czech Republik (CZ,EN)

In Berlin, we decided to invite as well :
+ Patrick + Jean-Michel? (s'ils sont intéressés/if they're interested) Clodagh, Babels-uk
Maria M, babels-ru
Angelica Gross, Sign Language
Yekbün, Kurdish
Ali Ottoman/ Sungur Benturk/Phyliz Cagor, Turkish

And for :
Arabic? Dinah n'a pas répondu. Dinah has not answered.
Japanese? JC Helary ne peut pas/ JC Helary cannot. Hiroshi n'a pas répondu/Hiroshi never answered.
other languages?

Do we do anything with this email?


I'm working with a group that is just now forming in San Miguel Allende,
Mexico, after a successful Alter-globilization conference there this summer. We
were faced with a massive translation challenge -- and this will continue as the
center continues its work.

I would like to be in contact with BABELS to explore how we can cooperate and
learn from your experience. Is there a particular person that would be the
best contact? How do I contact BABELS in the US and in Mexico?

Also, I am interested in becoming a member and possibly volunteering at an
upcoming conference so I have a better idea of how you work.

I have proposed to our group that we create a translation center at San
Miguel to train translators and meet the needs of the center's work -- which up to
now is primarily in Spanish and English.

Any suggestions and contacts will be greatly appreciated!

Jackie Mosio
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