Granada Report

In here you will find the report about what went on in Granada... and a link to the GranadaITReport, too. Here is the GranadaReportEl.


There are 2 kinds of lexicon:
- one long term: on one subject divided in different subsubjects.
- one short term: transversal (this means to approach one subject from a specific perspective, which can be based on the programme of the Social Forum, the titles of the seminars, etc.) and made for the booth

Format of the lexicon: definition, context, comments, sources, texts: to be tested by the pilot working group

Criteria for the selection of corpus: looking for the organisations that are addressing the subject in the programmes of previous social forums, go to their webpage could be a starting point.

Criteria de extract terms: not on the basis of the difficulty but on the basis of relevance in the subject.

IT tool

What kind of tool to communicate while working on the lexicons? Wiki, forum, email list? To be tested with the pilot working group.

Working groups

Website working group: Carlos (Castellón, ES, CA), Patricia Leleu (FR, ES, EN), Jaroslaw (PL, EN), Helga (DE), Yan Brailowsky (FR, EN, ES), Patrick (FR, EN), Robin (EN)? In charge of making the changes to the lexicon website according to the feedback we gave in the meeting and to proof-read the writing in each language.

Lexicon exhaustive list working group: Steph, Barunka, Stéphane

Pilot Lexicon working groups: chose 1 or 2 or 3 subjects in order to test the format chosen during the meeting, to test the communication tools and work closely with the IT team for the designing of the database.
Graziella (IT), Stéphanie, Markus, Giulia, Olga, Anne, Silvia, Dawid, Anastasia, Carlos, Leila?, Laura (Castellón)
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