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Feb 14th, 2005

Basic information on transport:

- Bus Málaga-Granada: there are buses each hour from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The same happens from Granada to Málaga. A single ticket costs around 8.50 euro. You can buy a return ticket and pay in cash or with credit car. At the station, you have to find "Alsina-Graells" stand and buy the tickets there. There are many buses, so it is not necessary to book the tickets in advance. Just in case you come just some minutes before the bus leaves and find no tickets, there are many bars and cafés around the station.

Transport Málaga airport-Málaga bus station: there are two possibilities: bus and train. Bus stop is just outside the arrivals building. There is (suposedly) a bus each 30 minutes, but you have to be ready for "surprises". There is a stop just at the bus station. You have to walk for 5-10 minutes to reach train station. It stops at the train station, which is quite near from the bus station (around 5 minutes). Consider this possibility if you donŽt have heavy lugagge and it is peak hour. Both bus and train cost around one euro.

For those who are coming on Friday evening, we will try to rent a car and pick you up. WeŽll inform you about it.

- Bus Madrid-Granada: there are buses each hour from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The same happens from Granada to Madrid (each hour from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.). Bus company is called "Continental" so you have to find its stand and buy the tickets there (a single ticket costs 14.55 euro). Bus station is called Méndez Álvaro. Underground: line 6 (grey line), stop: Méndez Álvaro.

Feb 4th, 2005

Basic information on ticket booking :
- easyjet, and any kind of cheap tickets online require a credit card to buy them. requires a French credit card holder, by the way.
So : whoever can buy its own ticket, please go ahead, do so and signall it.
Whoever cannot but has found a cheap ticket, please signall it as well. We'll see if I can use my credit card to book and buy it and be reimbursed right away (what I mean is : I'm no rockfeller, donot expect me to buy everything and I can do it only if I'm reimbursed right away by babels).

- tickets from far away destinations :
we'll go for prepaid tickets by the travel agency Geosphere in Paris, most likely. Meaning : we need all the details on the dates of everyone, so that we can gather people in Paris, for example. Or find other routes that may be cheaper.

Already in Granada :
Marta, Marisa, Jesus, Julie, Carmen, Juan, Sofia

Not coming to the Granada Meeting :
Monica, Jean-Christophe, Marcelle, Yan

Never confirmed their coming :


Paris, Feb 16th, latest update (rates keep on going up):
Emma R 4th/6th Brighton/London/Malaga/Gr 90 no yes
Steph M 4th/6th Paris/Malaga/Gr ???? no yes
Helga H 4th/7th Berlin/Malaga/Gr 218,33 y no
Graziella 4th/6th Milan/Malaga/Gr 184,10 y n
Nadia 4th/6th Madrid/Malaga/Gr 60 no yes
Lourdes A 4th/6th Madrid/Malaga/Gr 60 e Y no
Bettina B 3rd/13th Porto Alegre/Paris/Malaga/Gr 1000 Y No
Paolo C 3rd/13th Bogota/Roma/Malaga/Gr 1200 Y No
Sidiki D 4th/10th Dakar/Paris/Malaga/Gr ???? no yes
Jean-Pierre S 4th/6th Paris/Malaga/Gr ??? no yes
Patricia 4th/7th Paris/Madrid/Gr 132 no Y
Stefan 4th/7th Warsaw/Malaga 301 Y No
Jar'On 4th/7th Warsaw/London/Malaga/Gr 150 Y No
Dawid 4th/6th Warsaw/Malaga/Gr 287 no yes
Lendita 3rd/8th Sofia/Malaga/Gr 400 Y no
Jovana 3rd/8th Sofia/Malaga/Gr 400 Y no
Maya 3rd/7th Beyrouth/Malaga/Gr 377 Y No
Barbora 4th/7th Praga/Malaga/Gr 208 Y No
Robin ??? London/Malaga/Gr 110 Y No
Giulia 4th/7th Roma/Malaga/Gr 196 Y No
Silvia 4th/7th Pisa/Roma/Malaga/Gr 196 Y No
Olga 4th/10th Montevideo/Malaga/Gr 850 USD Y No
Patrick 4th/7th London/Malaga/Gr 70 euros + airport transfers no yes
Markus ???? ???/Malaga/Gr 311 no yes
Anastasia 4th/10th Athens/Malaga/Gr 308 Y No

Hello, Bojour à tout le monde!
The cheapest way to go to Granada may well be flying to Madrid and going to Granada by train (Talgo, from Atocha Station) or bus (Alsina, cheaper and faster)!
A mon avis, il vaut normalement moins cher prendre l'avion à Madrid et aller à Grenade en train (Talgo, plus commode, de la gare de Atocha) ou autobus (Alsina, moins cher et plus vite)!

There are no info about the accommodation, I have changed the rout of my journey, I will be traveling from Krakow to London Luton and from Luton to Malaga, arriving on Friday at 23:30 (don't have the details on me but I remember that it was around that time), the cost is around 230 euro. Is there anyone actually reading this messages? I would like to see some more concrete information.

I found an connection for about 150 euro. (I've tried to put the email across to Stephanie... and I'm still not sure whether I succeded) Can anyone from the transport group contact me regarding this matter <either confirmation that my emails were acknowledged, or details or something... ;-) >

Question for Pat,
Do you mean that the budget for every participant is 309 euro?

Pour info, il y a un car de Malaga à Grenade mais il faut compter deux heures de trajet. Donc à voir selon ton planning.
FYI, there is a bus from Malaga to Granada but it takes 2 hours to get there. So it depends on your schedule...

Here's my proposal as far as airway bills are concerned:
If I stay until the end of the meeting (that is Sunday afternoon included) : 486.60 euro for a return ticket
If leaving at 1:15 on Sunday (it's impossible to leave later) : 309.60 euro return ticket
So all depends on the budget we have for French (and other European) people. It's up to you.


moi, j'ai trouvé 240€ A/R, meme si c'est incroyable que ma seule possibilité soit de voler avec Alitalia!!.... Mais ce que je voulais savoir c'était: c'est effectivement bon d'arriver à Malaga? il devrait y avoir un bus, j'ai vu.... c'est vrai?!
A ce que j'ai vu, les prix ne changent pas, donc je pensais arriver le 4 et rentrer le 7. Mais, désolée, je ne pourrais pas avancer mon ticket, donc j'aurai besoin d'un prépayé!...
Si c'est bon, celui ou celle qui s'en occupe peut me contacter?

Encore moi... En effet je m'étais trompée, et j'ai vu qu'en arrivant le 3 (jeudi) le prix n'est que de 200€ A/R, toujours Rome-Malaga?.... Moi j'ai propablement cours le jeudi soir, donc je ne peux partir que vendredi, mais pour d'autres gens cela peut etre un bon conseil!

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I hope I can write this massage over here? I have found low fare airline from Kracow to Dortmund to Alicante for 165 euro/taxes included. Still will have to find out how to get to Grenada from Alicante. I think I could but this ticket myself and later be reinbursed. Now all I need to know if I can buy it. Let me know as soon as possible.

Proposition de lettre à envoyer aux participants de la réunion de Grenade pour confirmation de leur venue et achat des billets.


Vous savez que la seconde réunion internationale du projet lexique de Babels se tiendra le week-end des 5 et 6 mars prochain, à Grenade (Espagne). Vous avez tous signalé votre intérêt et votre disponibilité : pouvez-vous confirmer les informations suivantes?


Je viens : O/N
Date d'arrivée :
Date de départ:
Souhaitez-vous arriver un peu avant la réunion ou partir un peu après?
Désirez-vous participer aux discussions sur l'élaboration de l'ordre du jour?

Avez-vous reperé un billet bon marché? Si oui, lequel?

Merci de répondre rapidement.

Hi !
I 've been to travel agency,the alternative departing from Skopje is very expencive. The cheapest way is to go from Sofia, Bulgaria using the discount for youngsters. The return bus ticket from Kumanovo to Sofia is about 20 Euros. Anyway:
Skopje- Milano- Barselona- Granada 689E
Sofia - Madrid- Granada 574E
Cheapest: Sofia- Madrid- Malaga 307 E/taxes included(return). I saw that the most of the participants are going to Malaga. could you tell me about the transport from Malaga to Granada?
! Another thing: We will have to depart on the 3rd of March, and to return on the 8th. Is this a problem?
+ on the visa letter are the dates 4-7th of March. Will this be a problem for the visa? Lendita comes back in Monday( she is on some trip to Monte Negro right now), so we should go to the embassy the next week.
About the payment, the person n the agency said that the tickets can br paid by filling in some forms and sending them by fax and them he goes to the bank( I don't understand well these things, you probably know how it funktions)
Please , reply soon :)
Jovana, Macedonia

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