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=====Home page for Malmo ESF 2008 project =====
//This wiki is used to draft messages, documents, etc.//

===Main menu===
-SocialForumReinventingWheels : Hot (to try) to organize interpretation for a social forum...

**Messages for interpreters:** >>Note: documents marked as FINAL can no longer be modified. However, you can add comments.>>
-Esf08StartSelection : Message 1 for interpreters in order to start the selection FINAL (sent the 07 August 2008)
-Esf08SelectionMessage : Selection Message FINAL
-Esf08TravelMessage : Travel Message FINAL
-Esf08conditionsforreimbursement: FINAL
-Esf08DeclarationCommitment : Declaration of Commitment for prepayed tickets FINAL
-Esf08visa: information about visas and invitations FINAL
-Esf08Kids: message for babelians with kids
-Esf08CheckInformationDatabase : for intepreters to check their languages (to prepare booth planning)
-Esf08ProgramOnline1 : announcing program of events posted online
-Esf08MessageReimbursement : to explain how the reimbursement will work, asking for invoices, etc.
-Esf08MessageAccommodation : telling people where they are staying, and where the Babels offices are.

**Messages for coordination, Selection and travel Groups**
-Esf2008selectionreimbursement: General procedures and condition for Selection, Travel and Reimbursement Groups FINAL
-Esf08SelectionCriteria : Selection Criteria
-Esf08SelectionGroups : Selection Groups
-Esf08CoordinatorsGuidelines : Coordinators' Guidelines
-Esf08travelconditions: FINAL
-Esf08conditionsforreimbursement: FINAL
-Esf08possibleissues FINAL
-Esf08SelectReimburseConditions : Selection and Reimbursement Conditions

Logistic Issues:
-Esf08InterpreterPack : Interpreter Pack

Mobilisation material:
-Esf08Mobilisation1 : Call for volunteers to be circulated by email
-Esf08Mobilisation2 : Call for volunteers Poster
-Esf08ExternalCall : External Call for (still!) not babels volunteers

Liaison between Babels and the Programme Group:
-Esf08FormSeminars : Registration form for seminars
-Esf08FormParticipants : Registration form for participants
-Esf08SeminarsCoordinatorsEmail : Introductory email for abstracts, names and languages of the speakers
-Esf08SeminarsCoordinatorsForm : Form for abstracts, names, languages of the speakers
-Esf08ProgrammeSelection : matching programme and selection

Organization meetings:
-MalmoOrganizersMeeting : choose date and location for meetings
-MalmoMayMeetingAgenda : Agenda for the May 2008 meeting in Malmö
-AgendameetingsESFMalmo : Agenda skypemeetings

KIEV EPA 7-8 June 2008:
-Esf08EpaKiev : think about Babels' contribution
-MalmoEsfNumberOfInterpreters1 : rough language figures

-EPA reports


Callsfor Babels volunteers:
-Esf08Call1 : First Call for volunteers
-Esf08Call2 : Confirmation message
-Esf08Call3 : Checking information from volunteers
-Esf08CallCoordis : Call for Coordinators

- Esf08Lexicons : lexicons for the ESF08

**Reports / lessons learned**
- Esf08DeclarationAssemblySocialMovements : read on the last day of the ESF
- Esf08StartingAssessmentProcess : message to explain how we will do the post-ESF assessment
- Esf08SelectionReport
- Esf08TravelReport
- Esf08AccommodationReport
- Esf08AccommodationReportAppendix1: Letter by Babels to the NOC demanding immediate solutions to the accommodation crisis
- Esf08AccommodationReportAppendix2 : Informal answer of the NOC
- Esf08AccommodationReportAppendix3 : Proposal of agreement by the NOC to Babels
- Esf08AccommodationReportAppendix4 : Babels last warning
- Esf08AliReport : to be incorporated into different reports (selection, visas, etc.)
- Esf08TrainingReport
- Esf08BoothPlanningReport : introduction by Julie to be incorporated into Irma's and Pietro's report
- Esf08grazieReport : general organisational issues
- Esf08CommunicationReport : report on (mis)communication at the ESF between ESF, ALIS and Babels
- [[preliminaryTRKRreportbisAli preliminaryTRKRreportbisAli]] : report for the Turkish booth
- Esf08CorrespondenceReimbursementProblems : copy of our correspondence with Elin and Anders (NOC) regarding reimbursement after Oct. 1

====Writing conventions:====

It is **very important** that you respect two conventions:

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Please respect global wiki writing conventions when you choose the name of the new page. (For example: begin the title with ''Esf08''. Don't give a vague title.)

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Il est important de respecter deux conventions:
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