This wiki is for Activity 3 of the June 06 meeting only. A different one has been created for non-event-related issues on Training and Selection, here: TrainingandSelection

Please insert your general reports/minutes/conclusions on Selection and Training (general reports on Activity 3) here, i.e. for plenary sessions.

For specific workshops on either Selection or Training, see below.

A. Selection

Please insert your minutes/reports/debriefing(s)/conclusions on Selection only here: BabSelectJune06 (click on it). Includes Optimisation, transparency and professionalisation.

B. Training

Foreword on Training:

Hey there! I've created the wiki as promised. Will be able to finish debriefing briefly ;-) In the meantime, if you participated in this workshop please feel free to start reporting yourselves and/or translate and/or change this. We agreed that we would write it up together- all I'm giving you for now are the notes I took. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and work with you on this. I can't wait to start developing it further! Besitos.

Paris International Meeting

Summary of the Workshop on Training

Sunday 3rd June 2006 (~11:00-13:00) Please ONLY those people who were there for the TRAINING workshop, NOT the selection workshop. The one on SUNDAY, not Saturday. For the one on SELECTION go to BabSelectJune06 (click on it), and please don't change this again unless you were there! If you were there, please change anything you want. Only two people are missing from this list, because they arrived later and I didn't write down their names. This was the SMALL workshop on training, not the larger one on selection.

Friends attending: Yorgos T. (ALIS Greece), Antonio V. (Babels Ecuador), Pilar T., Macarena G. (Babels Argentina), Daniela B. (Babels Uruguay), Carmelo Velazquez, Jesús dM. (Babels Estado Español), Luis F. (Babels Greece), Julie B. (Babels France/UK), Silvia L. (Babels Uruguay, representing Clara dB. and Maria Fernanda C., Babels Colombia), Julie Boeri (Babels UK?), and María B. (Babels UK/E.E.).

If your name or origin are not correct, or if you spot a mistake, please add or correct. Thanks!


Title: Merging of proposals for the provision of basic training needs in countries where no professional volunteer interpreters are available (or where there are not enough existing volunteers, e.g. for minority languages not provided for in interpreting schools, etc.). Writing up of a paragraph explaining this very clearly so as not to encourage misunderstandings.

Immediate objective: Nairobi.
Long-term objectives:

Issues raised in the discussion





Work to be developed for resulting project (to be restructured here, new 2008, please click ONLY if interested in TRAINING TOOLS long-term project): TRAINING TOOL DIDACTIBELS)

1. The Birth
Finding a name for the project - a cool one ;-) as cool as ALIS or even cooler. Any suggestions? Click here to see what we have come up with for now: DeBirth
Finding the appropriate type of copyleft (alternative way of protecting free software, Linux, etc. for a complete definition click here: Copyleft) for the project and writing of paragraph on ethical use of the material/project (Toño offered to make enquiries), so as to protect all this incredible amount of work from being used for profit by some heartless stranger with an agenda.

2. Logistics
The webpage
Creation of a webpage within the Babels website- liaising with Babels-Tech- (will need to be able to change it ourselves)
Finding a first server in Granada (where we physically have hundreds of existing videos of Forums already, transcriptions, etc.)
Finding more around the world- objective: decentralisation, as soon as more material is created in other countries (see 5)- liaise with Linux groups?

3. Deciding on the main contents of the webpage
Defining main framework (parts? basic guidance, downloads...)
Creation of a specific wiki for the fusion of the three proposals (Venezuela, Colombia, Granada). Here it is: DeFusion (click on it)
Next step: Working in DeFusion and finishing it at last!
Copying the result onto the new webpage

4. Maintenance and growth of the project

Processing existing material: transcriptions and exercises

TranscriBels: Transcriptions in Babels (I hope you like the name, I've just come up with it)
Creation of a document on how to transcribe more material (so as to do it all in a compatible way around the world and prevent unnecessary repetition of work)
Division of workload - finding more transcribers. Objective: to have a minimum number of transcriptions in each language

Exercises and didactic use
Creation of a document- basic exercises explained, given the tools available for each Forum: are computers available for Babels in Nairobi? Have an option for audio (in case of slow connection or no streaming), bear in mind coordinators may not be acquainted with the interpreting/teaching world, bear in mind coordinations in each country are independent (careful not to be prescriptive, horizontalidad), other restrictions (time, availability of volunteers/coordinators/offices/computers...). Maybe have a basic document for core guidance and then also a complete one (objective: increase quality)...

Expanding and decentralising the project
Creation of a document on how to record more material, especially in minority languages and accents
Liaising with ALIS and the Memory project- obtaining more material in audio (but 22 Khz!!) and ask, if possible, video (for plenary sessions at first)
Creation of a document suggesting how and where to find more material in minority languages (forum meetings, etc.)
Redefining distribution of material (the distribution method for sit-preps is becoming obsolete)

Free Babels

Last but not least, doing it all in free software alternatives, if we all agree.
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