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Welcome to Babels' Wiki!

This wiki is a private wiki for people working on Babels projects. This wiki si NOT a discussion forum!
Please read Babels Communication Protocol before working on the wiki.

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Main Menu

InternationalCouncil (various) Archives
BrusselsMeetingArchives (Babels coordinators meeting, June 2004) Archives
WebsiteIntroduction (new text presenting Babels on the website) Archives
BabelsRules (texts with proposals on Babels protocols) Archives

AthensEsf (ESF in Athens, April 2006)
Caracas06 (SF in Caracas, January 2006)
May8 (May 2006)
EventRelatedArchives (London ESF 2004, Barcelona FSMed 2005, Marseille Femmes 2005, San Miguel de Allende 2005, POA WSF 2005, Quito FSA 2004...)

Lexicons project
GranadaMeeting (Lexicons meeting in March 2005) Archives
BerlinArchives (Lexicons meeting in November 2004) Archives


Local coordinations (private wikis)

etc. feel free to add things to the menu!
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