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=====Welcome to Babels' Wiki!=====

<<This wiki is a **private** wiki for people working on Babels projects. **This wiki is NOT a discussion forum!**
Please read [[ Babels Communication Protocol]] before working on the wiki.

Click on the "Edit page" link at the bottom to get started. You have to [[UserSettings register/login]] first. If you don't know what you are doing, try playing in the SandBox.
Useful pages: WikiInstructions, FormattingRules.<<{{calendar}}
====Main Menu====


FsmTunis (WSF in Tunis, March 2013)
EventRelatedArchives (London ESF & Quito FSA 2004, POA WSF, Barcelona FSMed, Marseille, SMA 2005, May8, Caracas06, AthensEsf, FirenzE1010...)

==Lexicons project==
GranadaMeeting (Lexicons meeting in March 2005) **Archives**
BerlinArchives (Lexicons meeting in November 2004) **Archives**


==Local coordinations (private wikis)==

etc. feel free to add things to the menu!
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