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WikiInstrucciones (ES) -- WikiInstrucoesPt (PT)
=====Wiki Instructions=====

====1. How to register====

To register, click on UserSettings, or on [[UserSettings Register/Log in]]. You will be prompted for a WikiName and a password.

A WikiName is a one-word name starting with a capital letter, and which has at least another capital letter.
Example: ''""JohnDoe, JohnD, JdoE, JoHndoe, JohndOe, JOHNdoE""'' etc.
-you cannot have only two capital letters at the beginning of your WikiName: ++JDoe++ will not work.
-you cannot have a space in your name: ++John Doe++ will not work.
-your WikiName and your username in the Babels forum don't work the same way! WikiNames need at least 2 capital letters (see examples above)

Once you have chosen a WikiName, you have to choose a password that is at least 5 characters long.
**You must choose a password that is different from your WikiName**.

To complete your registration, you have to repeat the password you have chosen in the field below, and put your email address.

You can only register after having filled out the **4 fields**:
~WikiName (see WikiName, above)
~password (different from the wikiname)
~password (repeat the password)
~email (a valid email)

If you are already registered: only fill in the first 2 fields (Wikiname, password).

====2. How to use the wiki====

You can follow a visual guide on the Wikka Wiki site: [[ Guided Tour]].

Once you are logged in, you will see a different menu in the top menu:
WikiHome, [[CategoryCategory Categories]], PageIndex, RecentChanges, RecentlyCommented

You can click on these links and discover what wiki pages exist.

If you want to start playing around: SandBox

===Editing a wiki page===

To edit a wiki page, you either double-click on the page, or **click on 'Edit page' in the bottom menu**.
Once you have edited the page, **do not forget to #%Store#% your changes** by clicking on the #%Store#% button.

If you want to see what your modification looks like but you do not want to save your changes yet, you can click on #%Preview#%. This is useful to see if your text appears the way it should appear. However, if you do not click on #%Store#%, your changes will not be saved.

To learn how to format your text (bold, underline, italic, etc.), see: FormattingRules. To experiment, use the SandBox

===Commenting a wiki page===

If you do not wish to change the text of a wiki page, you can add your comments by clicking on 'Add comment' in the bottom menu.
Important: **you can delete your comments but you cannot modify them**. This is not the case if you modify a wiki page. The main wiki page and the comments work differently: you can easily change a wiki page, but you cannot modify a comment.
If you wish to modify your comment, be sure to **make a copy of it first** somewhere else.

===Creating a wiki page===

To create a new wiki page, you simply edit an existing page and insert somewhere in the page a WikiName and #%Store#% the page. The WikiName will be the name of the new page. Once you have stored the page, you will see that the link to the new page will be highlighted as a [[MissingPage missing page]]. Just clicking on this link will open an editable version of the new page.

===Controlling who has the right to see, change or comment a wiki page===

If you created a wiki page, you are the 'Owner' of the page. You can change the ACLs for this page.
ACLs (Access Control Lists) correspond to the rights for this page.

Every Page on a Wikka wiki is owned by someone. There are three different types of ownership:
- //Public//
- //Free//
- //Owned// by a registered user (a WikiName is shown)

The page ownership determines which person(s) control the rights to read, write and comment on a page:

- //Public// no user except the wiki administrators can change the rights (BabelsTech)
- //Free// any registered user can take ownership of the page
- //Owned// the owner of the page and the wiki administrator can change the rights

ACLs can be easily set by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page: 'Edit ACLs'. Again: you will see this link only if you own the page.

Three fields are available:
~-**read access** list: determines which users can read the page
~-**write access** list: determines which users can write the page
~-**comment access** list: determines which users can post comments on the page

==ACL Syntax==

The three fields accept the following values:

* = Everyone
+ = Registered users only
Or any individual user WikiNames (one per line)

Any of these items can be negated with a **!**

!* = No one can read/write/comment the page
!+ = Only anonymous users can rea/write/comment the page
!""JohnDoe"" = ""JohnDoe"" will be denied access.

Be aware that the ACLs are tested in the order specified. So be sure to specify * on a separate line after negating any users - not before. Otherwise, the * everyone condition will always give access before the list of users that should not have access is tested.

{{table columns="3" cellpadding="1" cells="Read ACLs;Write ACLs;Comments ACLs;+;JohnDoe;!*"}}
Read: only registered users
Write: only ""JohnDoe""
Comment: nobody.


Actions are mini-programs which you can include in your wiki page. They can be very useful.
A few examples:
~##""{{lastedit}}""## shows the wikiname of the last user who edited a page.
~##""{{backlinks}}""## shows the pages that link to the current page.
~##""{{nocomments}}""## disables the 'Add comment' feature.

For more on this, check out the [[ official Wikka documentation]]
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