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Babels Charter

(Date: 15 June 2004)

The object of Babels

  • To affirm the right of everybody to express themselves in the language of their choice.
  • To contribute to discussions on the part language plays in the mechanisms of cultural domination and in the circulation of ideas between the various social and citizens’ movements.
  • To be an international network of volunteer interpreters and translators who want to use their skills and expertise for the benefit of those social and citizens’ movements that adhere to the charter of principles of the Social Forums; and to permit the sharing of their analyses and experiences and to co-ordination their actions at an international level.
  • To propose, depending on the resources of the network and the needs requested of it, to participate directly in the organisation of Social Forums and ‘anti-capitalist’ international events with which they are linked, organised by an international co-ordination.

The nature of Babels

Babels has been developed on the wide diversity of experiences of its volunteer interpreters and translators, with interpretation and translation becoming a method of exchange between professionals and non-professionals, activists and non-activists.
Everyone who wants to subscribe to the Babels network must agree to:

  • Adhere to the objects of the network and to provide voluntary interpretation or translation and / or participate in the discussion referred to in the point above.

Babels is:

  • A network of interpreters and translators
  • A player in the ‘anti-capitalist’ debate
  • A workshop for the evolution of languages, expressions, and their terminological differences; proposals for translation of technical terms or ideas, taking into account their linguistic heritage.
  • A way of proposing within the framework of an organisation international events in which Babels could take part: e.g. choice of languages, organisation of conferences, seminars, or workshops on the theme of languages and linguistic diversity
  • A meeting space for interpreters and organisations who come together for different events; meetings on a technical level between speakers and interpreters and assistance with expressing things orally

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