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Budget (10 November, 2004)

(Date: 20 November 2004)

The following is a provisional assessment. It may change in the coming weeks.

The Babels-Nomad budget was rediscussed in Porto Alegre during the different meetings in November. One of the drastic changes was that we reduced the number of rooms equipped for translation from 50 to 36. There would be 3 equipped rooms per Thematic Area (11 Areas in total = 3 x 11 rooms) and three equipped rooms in the Youth Camp (AIJ), for a total of 36 rooms.

We acknowledged the fact that there had been a fantastic mobilization of volunteer interpreters and translators in Latin America and Brazil for the WSF. But we also had to monitor the "quality" of these new volunteers.

It is useless to have thousands of volunteers if we cannot guarantee a good level of interpretation during the WSF. The quality of the interpretation determines the quality of the event itself. There are interesting discussions in the Babels Forum since July on this question: see discussions on ’quality’ (4000 viewers and 100 posts).

We will have "mixed booths": each booth will have one experienced interpreter, and one interpreter with less experience. Training sessions involving professional interpreters are organized every week in Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Rio da Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, to assess the level of the non-experienced volunteers. These training sessions are not "classes": interpreting is a profession involving many skills, and which require long and systematic years of training. These sessions are more like a familiarization process, and help the different coordinations to assess the abilities of the volunteers.

With this in mind, we re-evaluated the number of people coming from different locations in order to guarantee a good quality level of interpretation, while taking into account the actual level of mobilization at this stage of the process (mid-November).

Please read the intermediary reports (this budget is not a stand-alone document) to compare the October budget with this final budget:
October budget.

The final budget below is the budget that was presented to the Brazilian Organizing Committee (BOC) and to the International Council, Program and Methodology Workgroups.

Please react and participate to the discussion by using the Babels Forum:
- EN Forum
- ES Forum
- FR Forum
- PT Forum

36 rooms Cost Number Total (usd)  
Travel Total   487 $236 000  
Travel from POA 0 80 $0  
Travel from Uruguay 100 50 $5 000  
Travel from Argentina 200 50 $10 000  
Travel from Sao Paulo 250 50 $12 500  
Travel from Rio 250 60 $15 000  
Travel Rest Brazil 600 50 $30 000  
Total BRAZIL   240 $57 500  
Travel from rest of the Americas 900 60 $54 000  
Total Latin America   400 $126 500  
Travel from Africa and Asia and Middle East 2500 15 $37 500  
Travel from Europe / USA / Canada 1000 72 $72 000  
BOOTH 36 rooms Total     Comments
Total without Emergency 480      
EN 48 booths 96      
ES 60 Booths 120      
FR 48 Booths 96      
PT 72 booths 144      
Other lang. 12 Booths 24      
AR booth 2      
DE booth 2      
HE booth 2      
HI Booth 2      
IT booth 2      
JA booth 2      
KO booth 2      
RU Booth 2      
SW Booth 2      
TH booth 2      
TR Booth 2      
WO Booth 2      
36 rooms Big room Medium Room Emergency
EN1 Morning + evening,    
EN2 Afternoon   Morning
EN3   Morning + Evening  
EN4     Afternoon
ES1 Morning + evening,    
ES2 Afternoon   Morning
ES3   Morning + Evening  
ES4   Afternoon Evening
ES5     Morning
FR1 Morning + evening,    
FR2 Afternoon   Morning
FR3   Afternoon + Evening  
FR4     Afternoon
PT1 Morning + evening,    
PT2 Afternoon   Morning
PT3   Morning Afternoon
PT4   Afternoon Morning
PT6     Evening
Other Lang Morning + Afternoon + Evening    
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