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International meeting of the Women March

Marseilles, May 28-29, 2005
(Date: 27 April 2005)

The Women March, which a part of the the World social forum, holds a European meeting in Marseille on May 28th/29th. Babels, that already assumed the interpretation of the Women Assembly in Bobigny at the ESF 2003, committed to looking for volunteer interpreters for that event.

Here’s the program :
On Saturday 28th : 5 thematical simultaneous forums : (translation within booths) :
- abortion, birth control rights
- work and job instability
- violences against women
- women and wars
- women and power
On May 29th :
A plenary session and 3 open spaces :
- youth
- lesbians
- migrant women

The « official » languages of this event are : English, Spanish, French. But speakers will also take the floor in Arabic (Algerian), Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. All in all, we’re looking for a team of 30 babelitas and babelitos in those languages, for 2 days.

We’re looking for :
people living in the PACA region (so as to set a local Babels group also)
people with an interest in women issues
people ready to participate into the preparation and organization of the event, right now. During the event, everyone will be translating, we donot wish to have any distinction between coordination and interpretation, neither beforehand, nor on the field.
Housing and transportation fees will be covered, as well as the meals and water in the booth.

If you are willing to participate, please apply by crossing the « Women March » item here :

So as to get organized in an efficient manner, please apply before May 10th 2005.

Just like we did for the Women Assembly in 2003, we’re supposed to work directly with the organizors of each of the forums, so as to obtain the documents, keywords and vocabulary on each of the issue that they will address.

Claire and Stéph, for babels.

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