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Budget group report at end-June

(Date: 1 September 2005)

Made by: Bettina (BR), Isabelle (FR), Laurent (FR), Martin (CA), Philippe (FR).

The Budget workgroup is 5 persons strong: 3 are currently volunteering full-time on this (Isabelle, Laurent and Martin), 2 others are actively participating (Bettina and Philippe). Here is an account of the first weeks.


1- Due to the fact that we will be partly asking for public money and due to the fact that decision making process is long, it might be difficult to levy the money for May (we need it in fact around February in order to pay plane tickets). We might need to think of a backup plan.
Proposal: To leave us until end of last quarter of 2005 to have a final decision concerning this point.

2- There could be two strategies: Find two heavy donors (around 50 000) in order to meet the financial needs, or to find many around 10 to 15. At the moment the second solution seems more feasible, but will of course have consequences as far as being sure to meet the financial needs.

3- We need to multiply the financial sources, especially to see with German funds as the Rosa Luxemburg fund and others.

4- We have to evaluate if we launch a different strategy asking wherever there is a strong Babels existence to be independent as far as money for travels and find their own sources, while we try to levy money for zones where Babels is not really active or has no possibility such as Africa and Asia. Or else, we continue as planned and centralized the responsibility although help is more than needed in order to contact local fund sources.
Proposal: We suggest we continue as planned and implement a centralized approach to raise the funds, although nothing prevents us to try and motivate people to go for funds locally.

Finding resources

We suggest making a specific call for help: We could send a message for advice/contacts via the entire Babels network, some babelit@s might have some contacts and ideas

For the moment are explored (no particular order):

- European Union funds.
Lingua 1 and Lingua 2 + Education and Culture (parternship with Civil Society)
In charge: Isabelle

- Ile de France Region.
Two contacts have been emailed. For the moment with no result which is normal.
In charge: Laurent

- Paris City
One contact was identified. We need to contact him.
In charge: Isabelle or Laurent

- Foreign Ministry and Francophonie.
We need to identify contacts to evaluate the situation. An indirect contact was already informed, but we need to work this a little more.
In charge: Isabelle or Laurent

- American Progressive Funds and Fundations.
We have already sent the presentation of the event to them. For the moment no response, which is normal. We need in the near future to further this.
In charge: Laurent

- Fondation de France
A contact and fund line is identified. We need to get in touch with them.
In charge: Isabelle or Laurent

- FACT (Franco American Charitable Trust)
We need to get in touch with them. FACT was very active in the first period of the anti-globalization movement and allowed French and American activists to cross the Atlantic. A contact is identified
In Charge: Laurent

- Fondation un monde par tous.
They have helped the beginning of Babels three years ago. Contacts are existing. We need to see with them when it is the best time to send them information.
In charge: Laurent

- Canada public funds
Some contacts and possibilities are being explored.
In charge: Martin.

- Brazil public funds
Some contacts and possibilities are being explored.
In charge: Bettina

Other possible sources need to be found and explored.

Managing the money, transparence of the account.

Amorces (an NGO linked with IPAM and CRID, solidarity networks and organizations, which helped us at the beginning of Babels as their aim is to help concretly various projects as ours) is interested, but needs to take an official decision on managing the funds for this event. We already explained what do we want and need as far as immediate transparency of the account and the need to have all the managing of money done in order, when finish, to have a clear and independent account report.

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