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Report on the Babels-el Meeting held in Romania, October 14/2005

(Date: 15 November 2005)

Report on Babels-el meeting in Romania

This is a report on Babels-el meeting in Romania in 14-16th October 2005.

Contrary to Petre Damo’s –the Romanian Social Forum organizer- and my efforts, there was not an actual Babels meeting. This was due to a misunderstanding about the place set for the meeting. The meeting was set for Friday 14 October, 6:00 p.m., in the Monte Carlo restaurant at Cismigiu Park.

However, later the same day, I managed to meet M. V. and F. I. The next day, during the Preparatory Assembly of the RSF, I also met R. D. and D. M.

In the discussions I had with them I presented the decisions of the Istanbul EPA about providing one booth per room for a Balkan or an Eastern European language. I also pointed out and the reason why the 4th ESF was decided to be held in Athens is to enlarge in the Eastern Europe. Thus, if the Romanian participation would increase there should be several interpreters from Romania. This meant that they should try to spread the word around about Babels. Another very important step to make was to contact professional interpreters and translators and talk to them about Babels. I gave them the Babels call translated in Romanian and we agreed that we would translate the Babels poster in Romanian in order to contact universities and schools of interpreters. I also gave them sit-prep DVDs explaining that they could use it to practice and learn more about ESF. I discussed the Babels’s charter with them and urged them to visit the Babels webpage to learn as much as possible.

Apart from the four people I met in Buckarest, I got several answers by Romanian interpreters registered in Babels that do not live in Romania and they are willing to help. Babels-el will keep them up-to-date. I proposed to put them in touch with one another and see what they will come up with.

The selection of the interpreters that will finally come to the 4th ESF is a major issue and after spreading the Babels call and poster, I think that we should help them sort things out.

There was no Babels meeting held in Bulgaria because the Greek organizers of the ESF did not manage to have any meetings there. Thus, after the PA in Roumania I returned in Athens.

For more information about Babels in Romania please contact:



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