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1st international meeting: "Workers’ Economy: Self-Management and Distribution of Wealth"

July 19-21, 2007
(Date: 28 July 2007)

From July 19th through July 21st 2007, Babels
Argentina participated in this meeting as a member of
the World Social Forum interpreter and translator

Open University Programme

Secretariat of University Extension and Student


Some of the areas were:

Capitalist economy, self-managed economy, social
economy or socialization of economy, problems workers
face in their struggle against global capitalism.

Some of the panelists were:

Matt Hern (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Joshua
Stephens (Brighter Days workers collective, Fernández
Ana María / Borakievich Sandra (Faculty of
Psycology-UBA), Celia Guevara (Instituto Gino Germani,
Faculty of Social Sciences, UBA), Sonia Alvarez
(UMASS, USA), Graciela Di Marco (Universidad de San
Martín), Flavio Chedid (Brazil, UFRJ), Bob Stone
(Center for Global Justice); Derrick Naidoo (South
Africa, IIS); Mladen Jakopovich (Socialist Party of
Bosnia and Croatia); Luis Guerra Chacón (Universidad
de La Habana, Cuba); Peter Ranis (CUNY, USA), Henrique
Taham Novaes (UNICAMP).

Interpretation was English-Spanish both ways.
Mobile translation equipment was made available to
facilitate simultaneous interpreting. However,
consecutive interpreting was also required.

Babel members worked professionally and committedly,
receiving warm demonstrations of gratitude from the
forum organizers, panelists and audience.
We are truly pleased to have been able to prove that
despite the extremely difficult state (status?) of the
network, Babels is still standing and working for a
possible world.

Cheers to all the network members from Argentina.


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