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English Booth2

second round of selection and overall figures
(Date: 30 March 2006)

Update on the selection process of the English booth for Athens

Dear all,

Following the selection criteria adopted by Babels-uk for the selection of the English booth, we have contacted interpreters in a 1st and 2nd rounds of selection:
If you want to consult the criteria again, go to or on the forum

We have added to these criteria full availability for the whole ESF and at least having 2 languages on the top of English, except for the minority languages cases.

In the first round of selection, Babels-uk selected:

 2 occasional interpreters with the following linguistic combination

Bulgarian and Polish who did the sitprep ok and who are now selected

 5 professional, 7 experienced interpreters with the following linguistic combinations:

3 with Russian
2 with Arabic (one is not confirmed yet)
1 with Romanian
3 with Greek
1 with Slovak
1 with Czech
1 with Swahili, French and English (not confirmed yet)

In the second round of selection, Babels-uk selected:

 5 first experience interpreters (1 with Polish, 3 with Greek, 1 with Arabic) are currently doing a sitprep

 31 professional and 35 experienced interpreters with the following linguistic combinations:

ES/FR: 24
IT with either FR or ES: 15
DE with either FR or ES: 20
RU: 2
EL: 1

Interpreters have been emailed privately for their data and availability to be checked before their names and contact are given to Babels-el for transport arrangements.

These two rounds of selection would bring us to a total of 85 interpreters approximately. When all these people are selected and their files sent to babels-el, we will hopefully know a bit more about the programme and the configuration of the booths and see if a last and third round of selection is necessary for the English booth.

Please, do not hesitate to comment on this on the forum:


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