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Romania - Meeting October 14th

(Date: 9 October 2005)

First of all, I would like to apologize for not speaking Romanian and sending this letter just in English. I also apologize for sending it at such a short notice that I did not even have the time to have translated it in Romanian.

Oct 12 update - The Babels meeting in Romania has been scheduled on Friday 14th October 2005, at 6:00 p.m., at "Monte-Carlo" Terrace Restaurant in Cismigiu Park (Parcul Cismigiu), at Bucharest.

As you already know, the fourth ESF will be held in Athens in April 2006. One of the major challenges of the organization of the fourth ESF is to mobilize people from the Balkan and the Eastern European countries to participate in the building of the ESF process. In this sense, enlargement towards Eastern Europe will increase participation in the ESF process from Eastern Europe.

Taking into consideration the importance of the enlargement of the ESF process towards the Balkan and the Eastern European countries, Babels-el, the Greek coordination of Babels, decided to take advantage of the visit that the Greek Organizing Committee of the ESF-06 will make in on the occasion of the Preparatory Assembly of the Romanian Social Forum. Babels-el has asked the Romanian organizers to plan a Babels meeting in on 15th October. A Babels-el representative will travel to to meet interpreters, translators, students and any person who takes a special interest in Babels and is sensitive to the role language plays in the enlargement of the ESF in the Eastern European Countries.

In our effort to mobilize as many people as possible, we are sending this letter to people who have mentioned in their files that the country of their residence is , as well as to people who have Romanian as A1 or A2 languages. Even if you do not live in , we would be grateful if you could forward this email to people who might be interested in this meeting and can attend it.

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact place and the time of the meeting yet, but the Romanian organizers reassured us that we shall probably know by Monday, 10th October. They also informed us that it is going to be held either to Bucharest or to Craiova, where the Preparatory Assembly will take place and is two and a half hours away from Bucharest. I will inform you about the time and the place as soon as possible. However, the day of the meeting is Saturday 15th October.

Last but not least, I have to mention that the Babels meeting will be held in English, as, unfortunately, I do not speak Romanian. However, if any of the participants speaks English willing, we can have consecutive interpretation.

For further questions, please email to: babels-el

Thank you for your interest,


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