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Babels-el Report 14.01.2006

(Date: 25 January 2006)

Babels Report 24.01.06

Babels meeting 14-01-2006

Participants: Anastasia, Dimitris, Graziela, Lina, Maria R., Panayiotis P., Thanos.

The topics discussed in the meeting were the following:
1. Babels party
2. Accomodation issues
3. Babels meetings and outreach
4. Selection

1. Babels’s Party

Regarding Babels and Alis’s party that has been scheduled on 21st January 2006, we decided that it would be held on Steki Metanastwn, at 13 Tsamadou str., Exarheia. This place was chosen because Babels and Alis’s people could play their own music there and they could manage the bar. This means that IF there are any profits, Babels and Alis will share the profits and use the sum to cover certain needs of the networks. The issue of the profits was not further discussed. We agreed that it would be on the agenda of our next meeting because it is important to know the exact sum of money first. However, we talked about practicalities (who will play music, who will take care of the bar) and about how we shall make it known to all babels people. Graziela and I decided to send an email through the database list to all the Babels people residing in Greece, and we also decided to make phone calls on Thursday and Friday (19-20/01/2006) informing people about the party. ALIS also told us that they have already made a poster and they have printed it out. Maria and Lina promised to attach it to the School of Philosophy in the University of Athens and Thanos promised to attach it everywhere he thought appropriate in the centre of Athens.

2. Accomodation issues

As far as Babels accomodation is concerned, I informed everyone that I talked to the ESF organizers and gave them the Babels accomodation form translated in Greek. They said that they are making a specific database for accomodation where all the people who would like to offer hospitality, they could complete this form electronically. They assured me that Babels would be given absolute priority. There will also be a person from the ESF responsible for accomodation issues and he or she will have to cooperate with Babels’s responsible for accomodation, who, by the way, are Dimitris and Panayotis P.

3. Outreach

Concerning outreach within Greece, we managed to send Babels’s posters, pamphlets and calls to five Greek cities where there are schools of philosophy, namely Ioannina, Thessaloniki, Herakleion, Rethymno and Patras. Our contacts in these cities reassured us that they would attach the material where it is possible.

We also decided that we should produce new Babels material together with ALIS, since we are running out. The new poster, which will be much cheaper than the first, will also have the date, the venue of the ESF and the address and telephone numbers of Babels Office in Greece. The expenses will be shared by the budget of Babels-el and ALIS.

The next thing we are thinking of doing is having Babels events at the universities of these cities. We shall start from the school of Philosophy in Athens. This meeting will be held at the beginning of March. Unfortunately, we cannot organize it earlier because the examination period at the Universities lasts until the end of February. Then we have to organize events at the other universities as well.

On Saturday 28th January, Babels-el will have its first open Babels meeting. We decided to let everyone know about it at the partry, to telephone Babels interpreters living in Athens. The idea is to have a professional interpreter talking about interpretation and we shall explain to them how Babels volunteers can help (interpretation, translation, lexicons, room coordination etc.). We also decided to have thematic meetings at different places with different people as an incentive to moblilize them. We will also invite them to take part in the first ALIS’s test event that is going to be held -most probably- on the 11th or 12th February.

4. Selection

We are aware of the problem at the EN booth. All coordinations should try and do their best in finding people who have EL as passive. These people should be allocated to the booth of their mother tongue. Babels-el is trying to find foreigners living in Greece, but in spite of all efforts Babels-el and other local coordinations make to achieve this it is very likely it is not feasable to find enough interpreters with EN A1 and passive EL, so perhaps we should consider the possibility of selecting people in Greece and elsewhere with EN B1 (this means: practically qualified people) and passive or active EL.




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